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No Man's Land: Asian Edition 7

Title: No Man's Land: Asian Edition 7
Studio: Video Team
Cast: Jandi Lin, Bella Ling, Kyanna Lee, Destiny, Annie Cruz, and Lana Croft

This installment in the series has no plot, but who the fuck cares? Especially when it is this fucking good! Basically a bunch of hot Asian girls have lesbo sex in and out of bikinis or at least get wet thanks to water.

The first scene has the sexy and beautiful Annie Cruz and the gorgeous Destiny leaving the pool to go play actual pool in their bikinis! Girls could learn a thing or two from this! Anyway, the scene is insanely hot and sexy. I fucking LOVE Annie Cruz's bush. Yet, another thing girls could learn from. So, not only is this scene hot, but it is educative, too. You know the way great porn should be!

The next scene is the best one. And, when you see just how hot the other scenes are, that dear readers and friends, means this fucker is scorching! In it, the amazing Kyanna Lee (this month's hot Asian Girl of the Month), the goddess like Jandi Lin (another favorite of me and this blog), and the lovely Lara Croft. This scene is impossibly fucking hot! I mean it is truly, truly amazing! Usually toy use leaves me uninterested or underwhelmed, but in this one it is exceptionally well done. I just love how they dominate Kyanna in it. She has such fucking delicious curves! I love it when she sucks the dildo. Jandi Lin talks so sexy and dirty in this scene. It is really a shame that she is retired, cause she is a true gift from God! Fuck this scene is a gift to all of us!

Next up is the stunning pair of Bella Ling and Lara Croft. These two get it on in the shower. There is a lot of nice dildo sucking. It's a sexy and hot scene, that is bought down a bit by the over use of toys, but believe me, it is still a great scene!

The last scene has the fantastic foursome of Destiny, Jandi Lin, Annie Cruz, and Kyanna Lee in the movie's second best scene. All of them get it on in the pool. It's a hot, hot scene that has a great beginning and manages to maintain an off the charts level of hotness throughout. Annie is so fucking good at tacking charge of the girls. She is clearly the dom in this scene. She also happens to squirt in this scene! It's an awesome moment in the type of scene that makes you want to have lots of Kleenex on hand!

Shot in HD and presented in 16:9 widescreen, this one looks gorgeous! I mean this is the type of porn your HDTV was made for! I played it on my up-converting DVD player and was blown away by it. The sounds is also awesome.

As far as the extras go there us a rather fun behind-the-scenes, in which we learn that Lara Croft is leaving porn, for now at least, after this film. Damn! That's two in this film (the other, as I said before being Jandi Lin). Anyway, Kyanna pretty much steals the attention of us the moment she appears on screen. This girl is fucking awesome and needs to get more work and have a bigger following. The photo gallery is nice, and the bios are cool. The trailers are really good, and it made me think of stuff I totally need to go and buy, as soon as I can!

No Man's Land: Asian Edition 7 is really not only one of the absolute best all girl movies (even though it has only four scene, one less, than what is common in this series) but, also, one of my new favorite porn films. It is one that you will definitely want to come back to for future visits. Fans of lesbian and Asian babes simply most have this one in their collection! This is a masterpiece of Oriental muff munching all the fucking way.

4 out of 4 Woodies

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