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Death Angel and Testament: New Thrash Masterpieces from Metal Masters

While, many bands have been trying to bring thrash back, with varying degrees of success, it is always nice when the originals come back and just destroy the competition. There in lies the latest work from Death Angel and Testament.

Death Angel's Killing Season , maybe their best work ever. While, the Filipino band were very young when they started and did some great work, Season is a masterpiece. It really shines as a heavy, head ripping, modern day thrash, destined to be, classic.

The musicianship is exemplary. The band shreds and rips through fast, ass-kicking songs, while all the time signer Mark Osegueda carries a great tune. Songs like "Soulless" have a great melody and heaviness about them that shows the best attributes of thrash metal. "Dethroned" and "Lord of Hate" are also great, though the whole album just rips. Plus, it lends itself to multiples listens. You sing along to it, bang your head, or jump into the pit.

Here is the vid to Dethroned:

Meanwhile, Testament's The Formation of Damnation is their best work since Souls of Black. Now, I think that the very heavy Low is a great album, but TFoD is just a great, head-crushing piece of work. Once, again Chuck Billy proves to have one of the best voices in all of thrash metal. The guitar work is exemplary. Songs like the devastating More than Meets the Eyes and the brutal Dangers of the Faithless bury the half-assed wanna-bes. Testament are truly back in full style.

This is More Than Meets the Eyes:

Both albums get a ***** out of ***** and are sure to be ranking amoung the best album of the year.