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What I Have Learned About Traveling thanx to Horror and Explotation Films

While, horror and explotation films are full of the stuff you expect them to be, what you may not know is the fact that they teach us about travel! Really! Here are some chioce spots that I have learned to either aviod or visit thanx these films:

The Woods/ Camping- So, according to films like Friday the 13th, The Evil Dead, Sleepaway Camp, The Blair Witch Project, and Cabin Fever, we should never go camping or to the woods. Think about it. You might encounter crazy machete wielding women, their unstoppable psycho-hokey mask wearing son , get possessed by demons, a crazy transsexual , an evil old witch, or some foul flesh disease! Not only that but sex is a bad idea, cause even if the chick is smoking hot, you will fucking die! Bummer, man! To make a long story short, don't go to the woods or camp!

Japan- Seemingly Japan suffers a lot of attacks by giant monsters . I mean they fight and thrash the city and probably kill lots of people along the way. But, on the other side, films like The Machine Girl and Yo-Yo Girl Cop (not really an exploitation film but certainly a cult film) prove to me that I need to go there cause there is a shitload of hot chicks . So, i think I will risk the giant monsters and just go check out the hot babes!

Texas- Really, man, this is the last place you want your car to breakdown when heading out with your girl and/ or friends. Cause if this happens to you and your bros, a family of cannibals , including a dude who wears a mask made of human flesh who wields a chainsaw will catch you, kill you, and, possibly, eat you! Fucked up! Unless, of course, your goal in life is to be some chili!

That's it for now! In the future, I will review other travel spots based on what I have learned from watching way to many DVDs!