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The 10 Greatest Guy Heroes Ever

With the release of the awesome Dirty Harry DVD box set, i thought it would be fun to run through the 10 greatest guy heroes, ever. they are all badass and are a man's man. Here they go:
10. Iron Man - I could have chosen Batman, but Tony Stark is a cooler "guy hero", if only because he does not lead as a dark a view on things, he is rich, drinks (perhaps harder than anyone on this list being a recovering alcoholic and all), gets lots of hotties, has awesome battle suits to kick evil ass, plus he has a fucking porn mustache. How cool (or not) is that?!

9. Indiana Jones - OK, so the last one was kind of bleh, but ignore it. He gets hot babes and battles Nazis and evil cults and other assorted low lives. And, he does it all with a nice bit of attitude. And, yet somehow, he finds the cool artifact!

8. Marion Cobretti - What do you get when Dirty Harry meets Rambo? Why Cobretti from Cobra of course! Bad ass gun, tooth pick in mouth, and cool car, this dude is one of the coolest cops, ever!

7. Wolverine - Listen the dude kills, fucks hot babes, smokes (but can't die from cancer), has a healing factor, fucking claws come out of the back of his fists, drinks, and has a bad attitude, of course, he is on this list!

6. Snake-Eyes - Despite being mute, there is no more badass G.I. Joe than Snake-Eyes. he is a ninja, has killed lots of bad guys, and gets the hot redhead (Scarlett!). Oh, yeah and he has a pet wolf, how cool is that?!

5. John J. Rambo - In the shoot-em up world, there is no greater one-man army than Rambo. The guy can take on asshole cops, Nam, Soviet, or Burma soldiers and bury their asses. Plus, in the second one he scored a hot Asian girl. that she got snuffed is a different story, but hey, the bad guys got it for doing that. Plus, he always he has the best speeches, even with Stallone's garbled delivery!

4. The Punisher - Of all comic-book heroes none are more deadly than the Punisher. In a world were heroes allow their enemies to live, Castle puts the fuckers six-feet under. And, he has no super powers, which makes that much cooler, in my book.

3. Paul Kersey - Film's definitive vigilante, Death Wish's Kersey takes vengeance on the scum of the world. He does what many wish they could. And, how badass, and awesome, is it, when a man his age mows down scumbag punks in Death Wish III?

2. Dirty Harry - He is the work model for the loner hero. All others came from him. The cop that will do whatever it takes to kick the ass of the bad guy. He has the most bad ass lines, and is not above making a perp suffer (witness him stepping on sick-o villain, Scorpio in the classic original).

1. James Bond - He is pretty much the guy, every dude wants to be. I mean I have wanted to be Bond since I was a kid. He has a license to kill, is well dressed, beats the bad guys, gets all the girls, travels the world, saves the day, has the cool car, and the best gadgets. Do i really need to explain this one?