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Tila Tequila Meets the Family

So, this Tuesday night was the episode where Tila meets the families of the remaining four contestants. It was a great episode, and I think, better than the same one they did last year.


First off, hallelujah! She got rid of super-tool Jay! First off, Jay's family may have been the most wild family, but they were also the most fucked-up. I mean, his mom (who is pretty nonetheless) and step-mom kissed, and they flashed their tits, in front of both their sons. Plus, everyone (in the family) jumped in the pool and passed Tila around to hug. I don't even for me, this was a little, too freaky! Anywho, she did send "Jersey" (as he likes to call himself) packing. And, she has the quote of the week with, "Jersey called, and they want you back!" Fuck yeah! Tila rulz! All hail! My faith was renewed in cute girls! But, in all seriousness, it was nice to see a girl kick the asshole out. And, in such a great way, too. Jay further proved to be a dick, by his violent reaction to being sent home. Jay, you suck, stay in fucking Jersey!

Bo has grown on me. His family was nice, but I really don't want him to win. Still, i don't mind that he is the final three.

Kristy is gorgeous, blonde, and bi (duh!), baby! Her family came off as cool and pretty nice. i can tell Tila had fun with them.

But my fav remains Brittany , I just think she is so heart breaktakingly beautiful. She is also, so it is said, a gold star lesbian (IE never been with a dude) I thought the stuff with her family was very, in particular, when she showed Tila her baby pics. That was so sweet! I think she and Tila make for a HOT couple!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, the lovely Ms. Brittany Rae (that would be her last name) is selling her T-shirt on her myspace. It says (and I am not making this up) Brittany is my HOMO girl. It has a pic of hers. It is 30 bucks, but she will sign it for you.

Anywho, next one more goes, then it is the season finale!!!! Here is to Brittany staying on the show!! And, here's to Tila, who of course, owns!


Ro-Beast Rollie said...

I caught a few episodes of this show this season. I am surprised that obnoxious cock Jersey lasted so long. I hope he gets knifed.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Indeed. He needs to die a horrid death! lol!