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NJ Horror Con: March 2019

On April 30, 2019, I made my first ever visit to New Jersey Horror Con at the Showboat hotel and casino in Atlantic City, NJ. This is a relatively new horror convention, only 4 years old, if I am not mistaken, that has rapidly gotten huge. They had some amazing guests, on this occasion, so two of my closest friends, Nelson and Freddie, and I headed out to have an awesome day of horror fun!

The first person that I went up to was Joe Bob Briggs. He has been a hero of mine and a huge influence on me and my writing, since I first read about him many years ago. I have been wanting to meet him for years, especially after his return with the now weekly series, The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs, currently airing Friday nights on Shudder. And, speaking of that awesome show, the gorgeous Darcy the Mail Girl was also there with him! I got to tell him what a hero of mine he is. My friend Freddie and I talked to the both of them for a few minutes. They are so nice and sweet in person, that they more than made my day. This for me is a highlight of the year!

The other highlight of the show, and the year, for me, came with the next person I met: Lea Thompson! The star of Tales from the Crypt, Back to the Future, Red Dawn, Howard the Duck, and more has been on my convention must meet list forever. She is, after all, one of my biggest childhood crushes. I told her that, and she was so sweet and all smiles! She even said that she liked my jacket (AKA my battle-jacket). That made my year! Thompson is still gorgeous in person and truly awesome to her fans.

Freddie and I went up to Frances Lee McCain, who played the mom in one of my favorite movies of all time: Gremlins! I told her and that it was a Christmas tradition for me to watch it every year during the holiday season. She was so nice and sweet in person!

I also went up to Harvey Spencer Stephens, who played Damien in The Omen. He clearly works out and is in great shape. He is also really nice in person. I got to tell him that that movie is one of my favorites of all time.

All three of us got a pic with Bob Camp, the legendary creator of Ren and Stimpy! He was fucking awesome in person and talked to us for a decent amount of time.

As an Aliens fan this was my favorite cosplay of the day!

At the convention I got:
Joe Bob Goes Back to the Drive-In which he signed for me
80s Trailer Trauma 3: Horrothon on Blu-ray, which is the only one in the series that I am missing
and, a Funko Pop Motley Crue Vince Neil (on a side note, The Dirt is an awesome movie!)

The autographs that got (Joe Bob Briggs and Harvey Spencer Stephens) are below:

We had an awesome time, for sure, and would surely be back. Below is the three of us next to the Ecto 1 and Slimer (!) from Ghostbusters!