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Rivers of Nihil/ Entheos Live at Saint Vitus- Brooklyn, NY 04/06/19

On April 6, 2019, Rivers of Nihil/ Entheos had a sold out and truly killer show at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, NY, and I was on hand to bring you all the brutal details! Both bands played, in entirety, their last releases resulting in an absolute ass kicker of a night!

Entheos, the first band I got to catch on this night, is a progressive death metal act comprised of members of various other metal bands. I have been a huge fan of them since their excellent debut album The Infinite Nothing . Their second and latest release is the complex, yet groove laden Dark Future (2017). It is an album that gets better and better with every listening, and one which they played all of, on this night.
The band totally decimates live! They are fierce and superbly talented, playing music that is incredibly technical with true proficiency. Singer Chaney Crabb is one of the best vocalists in extreme metal, today. She has an awesome sounding variety of screams, which drive the musically brutality further (even more so live!). And, she has one hell of stage presence with a ton of energy to spare. The audience responded in spades with a brutal as fucking hell mosh pit!


Up next were the headliners, Rivers of Nihil. Finally the band that had been the opening acting for countless of other bands are headlining. This is thanks to the modern masterwork that is Where Owls Know My Name. This absolutely amazing and spectacular work of technical death metal made mine and many others lists of the best metal of last year. Like the Entheos album, it, too, was played in its entirety om this night (as it has been during this whole tour). They even bought their saxophone player which makes them sound and look so unique in the death metal world.

Rivers it is not hyper-boil when I say that Rivers is one of the very best live acts in metal, today. They also inspired one of the greatest pits that I have ever been in or seen, and perhaps the greatest ever in a small venue. It is very likely the best pit that Saint Vitus has ever had, in fact, every single person there that night was a part of it. There was even a fucking wall of death! Your intrepid reporter has bruises all over my right leg, and I can fucking tell that it was well worth them! Why? Because, I had an absolute motherfucking blast at the show.

And, that's the thing about Rivers. For despite how unquestionably heavy they are, they're also a lot of fun. And, it is clear that they, themselves are having a good time. Despite the complexity of their music, they never come off as pretentious. The fact is that everybody, from fan to band to press, had an awesome time.

 This fan got onstage with both Entheos and Rivers of Nihil and sang with both band's respective signers. 

In all, this ranks as one of my favorite live shows that I have ever attended. If you are a fan of either band or love extreme metal, you need to catch Rivers of Nihil and Entheos, the first chance that you get!