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NYCC 2017: The Best of Friday's Cosplays Pt. 2

And, now for the last half of the best cosplays on Friday, Oct. 6, 2017:
 Two badass and beautiful cosplayers doing excellent cosplays of Cami and Chun-Li.
 Quite possibly the best couple that I saw on Friday, if not all four days. I mean come on, they're doing two of my all time favorite characters from Masters of the Universe in Skeletor and Evil-Lyn and doing them awesomely!
 Not enough people do Selene from the "Underworld" franchise as cosplay. This beauty did it and excellently, might I add!
 Badass "Street Fighter" cosplay!!!

I am not bullshitting when I say that this next cosplay is one of the most amazing that I have ever seen! It is an AT-ST (AKA the Chicken Walker) from Return of the Jedi, and to a lesser degree The Empire Strikes Back. The Star Wars fanboy in me had a major geekgasm that only got bigger when the lovely Rey and her BB-8 ran into it and all posed together!

This dude has to be one of the most awesome Bizaro cosplays that I have ever seen!

The Gwenpool in the following two pics is my favorite cosplay that I saw of the character in all four days. The cosplayer, herself, is freaking gorgeous! The Spidey that posed with her in the first pic is pretty fucking awesome, too!

 Two cosplayers looking great as Catwoman and Lara Croft (who was a fairly popular cosplay this year).
Oh my fucking God, this "Sin City" duo were too fucking awesome and badass!!!!
 Not enough people do Agent 13 cosplays, which kinda sucks, cause she is an awesome character. I love that this lovely cosplayer did her so well!. 
 In my very humble opinion, the above gorgeous lady was the most awesome and badass Lara Croft cosplay that I saw all four days, if not ever.

Let me end the best of Friday's cosplays with two different takes on Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.
 These two are fighting over this lucky Yellow Lantern Scarecrow!
I LOVE the black, white, and red take on this infamous duo!

That is it for now. Next my adventures as Logan on this very same day!