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Cosplaying as Logan on Friday at NYCC 2017

At this year New York Comic Con, on Friday 6, 2017, debuted my second ever cosplay: Logan from the phenomenal 2017 movie of the same name. I've been a Wolverine fan ever since I was in high school. I also happen to think that Logan isn't just one of the best movies of the year; it is one of the truly finest superhero movies ever made.
Battling a baddie from "Hellboy". Posing in battle scenes is always a blast!

Now I had been, toying around with adding a second cosplay to my repertoire since last year, after having enjoyed being Punisher so much at NYCC 2016. I thought of various characters, but it wasn't until my second viewing of Logan, that it hit me. He was the perfect character for me to do next. The result was very positive.
With my friend Rachel and her boyfriend.

In fact, people seemed to love it! They came up to me and asked to take pics of me and with me. In fact, this got an even better reaction than my even my Punisher had. It was very flattering and humbling and for someone, like me who battles with self-esteem issues, it was a wonderful feeling. People kept saying Old Man Logan or Logan whenever I would pass by. In all it was a truthfully awesome experience!
 First we were on the same side, then Hawkeye and battled it out! By the way, he was the best Hawkeye that I saw all four days.

And, now just me posing with a couple of awesome cosplayers:

Bub, you are about to get your ass kicked! In all seriousness, this Apocalypse is fucking AMAZING!

Directly below: two fellow Logan brothers!

 Batman, you may not have been able to do this, cause you're a pussy, but Logan ain't! In all seriousness, awesome cosplay by both of these kick ass and lovely ladies. 

 The battle YOU demanded! Logan vs. Shredder! Shredder is another amazing cosplay by my friend Nelson D. Martinez.
 I fucking love this pic!
Sorry to spoil "Justice League" for you, but Logan joins the team!

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