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TCM Screws Over Horror Fans with Halloween Blu-Ray Box Set


It's not always I got on this blog and get to vent some anger, but here you go. Yesterday morning, Bloody Disgusting's Twitter account posted a link where TCM (Turner Classic Movies) online store were selling the just released (as in it hit stores officially today) Halloween the Complete Collection on blu-ray set released by the combined team of Anchor Bay and Scream Factory for $19.99. Now, I looked at that was like. "Wow! Hope it ain't a scam." When I saw that it was TCM, I was like OK I can trust them, even if they have colorized black and white classic films.

So, I placed my order. Now, mind you I still could not believe it. This HUGE definitive set (the kind Friday the 13th should do if they were released  by people who do not have shit for brains), that even has the NEVER before released producer's cut of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers was something that I was DYING to own. But, I seen it go for $100 plus, so I was gonna wait till a sale or a price drop. No need to this though when I saw this price. I was in!

But, this afternoon, I get an email saying that the order is canceled. And, they sent me a 30% off coupon. Tell me what that does for me? They can shove their coupon up their corporate asses! So, I was ready to report their unethical behavior. But, first I figured I would give them a call, let them get a chance to correct this infraction.

The first girl politely told me that they had sold out. And, she didn't know when and if they would restock. She also said that she could not honor the price if they did. I called back and asked for a manager. He told me that corporate noticed the mistake and canceled the orders. I told him that is not my problem, as the customer I am right. I worked retail, you gotta honor a price, whether you fucked up or not (BTW, I never cursed or raised my voice during any of these conversations). He said he could do nothing more. I told him that they are getting reported. Which, I assure I did report to them, to anyone that I could think of.

Don't ever buy anything from TCM. Fuck them and their shitty way to solve this problem. If you go to Twitter, you will see that they got lots of tweets from angry fans. They say they are sorry, that can't full fill orders, that the 30% works on more titles, they even say a few orders went through, before they canceled them all. Well, guess what? All should go through. Learn to treat your costumers with respect and truthfulness TCM. So you fucked up, not us.

I doubt they will do shit. They won't do anything worthwhile for the fans expect hide behind their corporate bullshit. This anger is not meant to their workers. I understand they what they are told. I get that. But, it is meant to corporate who should grow a set of balls and learn some fucking ethics. End of rant.


Jim said...

Well I'm not surprised. A channel that calls itself "American Movie Classics" and routinely airs Catwoman is not to be trusted.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Let's not forget that Turner has colorized classic b&w movies, so yeah not classic at all.