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My Exclusive Interview with the Beautiful Lelu Love

All picture were taken by myself at the Adult Entertainment Expo 2013 & 2014.

I recently had the pleasure of excursively interviewing the beautiful Lelu Love, one of the best and most beautiful interactive porn performers that you will ever find. I am a huge fan of her site and output. She also happens to be a sweetheart and even more breathtaking in person. So, without any further adieu:

What made you want to get into the adult biz?

It was more of an accident really, just kind of happened. lol I put up a masturbation video I did just for fun, didn't even show my face or anything and didn't think much more of it until it got TONS of comments and attention literally overnight then everything just kind of snowballed from there :)

Where you nervous about it at first?

Yep of course, that's why I didn't even show my face or anything, but the more people said they liked it the more I liked it too :) Then I got less and less nervous as time went on :)

Was there anything that surprised you about the industry?

Just how nice and open most of the people are, you hear stories or just stereotypes about the type of people that you think are going to be part of the industry. But, I've been lucky to meet some amazing and great people and now most of my close friends are part of the industry, too.

You’ve at the Adult Entertainment Expo for the last couple of years, how would you describe it to someone who has never been to it?

Well, that's one thing that is just about what you would expect, tons of pornstars and parties!! :) The only thing I don't like about it is the dry Vegas air messes me up every time so I'll probably stick closer to home from now on but still had a lot of fun at the ones I went to :)

You are very interactive with your fans, which is awesome in my book. What do like most about your fans?

Yep the fans and friends and members are always the most important part of all of this. So, I always take time, and put them first which I know is super cliche. But, I love it when I hear them tell me that they aren't used to getting that much personal attention, it's what I spend the most time on, but that's because I love chatting and interacting too so it's a win-win :) 
What are some of your favorite type of scenes or scenes that you have shot for your site?

I always have fun bringing people's fantasies and fetishes to life and all of my videos are custom videos that people order so it always keeps it fresh and interesting and unique and every once in a while someone will order one and just tell me to have fun and do whatever I want. And, those are always some of my favs, and I think turn out really well because I can just focus on having fun and cumming hard!! :)

Personally speaking I think that you have one of the best sites on the net. How do you keep up the good work?

Thanks!! :) And, yep it just goes back to really loving what I do I think, I work really hard and all the time, but most of it doesn't feel like work especially when I think back to some of my MANY other jobs lol

What turns you on?

I love knowing that people are masturbating to my pics and videos, always makes me feel sexy and want to do even more!! :)

What is the secret to giving a good blow job?

Just focusing on the guy's body movements and figuring out what kind of rhythm and pressure and all that he likes. Then, just keeping it going and really enjoying it, and he will too :)

You are really active on social media, what do you like most about it?
Just being able to quickly and easily communicate with that many people because there's no way I could keep up with 50,000 people one at a time!! lol So, it's great for announcements and updates and sharing naughty pics of course too ;)

What do you like to do on your free time?
Spend time with my dog, I've gotten back into swimming recently, poledancing workouts, taking my nightly baths and reading, usually the last two at the same time :) 

Any final words for your fans?

Just to say thanks again for all the amazing support, it's what keeps me going and always trying to make my site bigger and better for all of you, everything from a brand new video and picture set every single day to my 24/7 live voyeur cams all through my house and more so CUM visit me right here right now at http://www.lelulove.com


Lelu Love said...

Thanks babe, looks great!! :)

Giovanni Deldio said...

My pleasure! And, thank you, Lelu! You kick ass! :)