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The Hottest Babes of 2009, pt. 3: 50-41

50. Marisa Tomei (new) - She played the MILFy stripper in last year's excellent The Wrestler, which got released on DVD this year (but when are we gonna get a special edition?!). Her star rose and seeing her nude on screen probably made other things raise among the viewers, too.

49. Julie Benz (new) - On Dexter, this year, her character, Rita, is married to our favorite serial killer. She also appeared in the awesome Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day making this blonde beauty one of the most busy honeys on this list.

48. Dr. Mikannibal (last year- 51) - Japanese black metal band Sigh's beautiful saxophone player and signer keeps getting more and more exposure thanks to her sexiness, beauty, and talent. With a new Sigh album coming out at the beginning of next year, things can only get bigger for her and better, for us fans of her!

47. Penny Flame/ Jennie Ketcham (last year- 48) - This year marked the last time we would ever see porn beauty Penny Flame. She did Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew (currently airing on VH-1), and it changed her life. She left the porn biz, and began to use her real name: Jennie Ketcham. But, not without doing one last hurrah for her fans at Exxxotica NY, where she once again proved to be one of the sweetest and coolest babes in any part of the world. I wish her the best of luck. I am sure she will succeed at all she decides to do.

46. Jayla Starr (new) - This exotica beauty (half Asian/ half black) is one of porn's rapidly raising stars. Aside from having a hot as hell body, she has a mad cool attitude as proven when I met her at Exxxotica NY, this year. Her story, that she told me, of shooting Latin Sushi Fiesta and, in particular about the lovely Annie Cruz's ability to squirt was one of the true highlight's of the day, for me! Oh yeah, and she fucking rulz when it comes to the stuff she posts on the net, be it Twitter or anything else she does!

45. Cristina Scabbia (same) - Lacuna Coil released a new album this year, Shallow Life, and while I did not like it as much as some of their other work, it still features some good music. Besides, it gave us more time to admire one of metal's most beautiful women.

44. Deborah Ann Wohl (new) - The hottest babe on True Blood, this redhead is also one of the hottest vampire babes, ever! Her relationship with Hoyt is actually one of the series sweetest and most endearing storylines. Incredibly beautiful and sexy, Ms. Wohl is also an excellent young actress. Definitely the vampire babe to bring home to mom, so long as mom is OK, with you dating bloodsuckers!

43. Doris Yeh (last year- 63) - One of the biggest climbs inBai the list this year comes from this lovely member of Taiwanese black metal band Chthonic. First and foremot, with Mirror of Retribution, the band released one of the best albums of the entire year. She is just a true Oriental doll and one of music's most naturally beautiful women, in any genre. She gets a lot of press due to her beauty and she deserves all of it and more!

42. Bai Ling (new) - Bai Ling played a crazy and sexy hooker in Crank 2: High Voltage in one of, if not in fact the, most memorable roles in the wild sequel. But, being sexy and wild comes naturally to the yummy Ms. Ling. Her single appearance on Chelsea Lately, where she once again reminded everyone that she is from the moon, has to be one of that show's best round table moments. While, her blog remains one of the strangest yet undeniably sexy blogs on the whole entire net!

41. Lina So (last year- 42) - This competitor, of last year's reality show Scream Queens, may not have won the actual competition, but she did make more of an lasting impression this year, by appearing as a Fantasy Sports Girl covering pro-football. Which means she accomplished something that just about no one can do. She made me give a fly fuck about sports for the length of time that she talked about it! No offense to any sports fans reading this, though. I just ain't one of them!

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