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The Hottest Babes of 2009, pt. 2: 60-51

60. Ming-Na Wen (new) - The lovely Ming-Na has been in the movie biz for a long time. Some of you may remember her from roles such as Chun-Li in the terrible Van Damme flick Street Fighter or last year's shitty Prom Night remake. Currently, this MILFy Asian babe is starring in Stargate Universe. I have liked her since I first saw and like fine wine she only gets better with time!

59. Sarah Silverman (last year- 56) - One of the funniest babes ever, Sarah is just as raunchy as she has ever been and The Sarah Silverman is just as fucking awesome as ever!

58. Kristen Stewart (last year- 57) - Thank God Kristen was in Adventureland this year. Sadly, though most of the coverage she gets is for that Twilight, of which I am officially sick of. Too bad, cause aside from being a babe, Kristen can act and is being wasted on that miserable franchise.

57. Janine Siu (new) - Yes, Playboy still sux but thank God, for models likes the ravishing Ms. Siu. This hottie is quitely simply put one of the yummiest and most beautiful centerfold models I seen in a while. And, her pics I saw this year, where smoking hot!

56. Ashley Greene (last year- 54) - Ms. Greene is simply breathtaking and one need only look at her Maxim layout last month for proof. Too bad, she too is more known for that Twilight shit than anything else. But, there are nude pics of her that appeared this year. Yay!

55. Katie Cassidy (same as last year) - It's been a busy year for the lovely Ms. Cassidy, who was first on both Harper's Island and the new Melrose Place on TV this year. While, I watched neither, I was happy to see her get more exposure. I did like her pics that appeared in Maxim, though.

54. Lisa Ann (new) - Lisa Ann's star just bigger all the time. Her series of films for Hustler, where she plays Sarah Palin, ahve been huge sellers for the company. They have also gotten lots of mainstream coverage. The busty and MILFy beauty was also a real pleasure to meet at this year Exxxotica NY.

53. Katy Perry (new) - OK, I hate fucking music, but the lovely Ms. Perry is beautiful. Those gorgeous blue eyes and that amazing chest make you wanna look at her vids with the mute button on. Plus, she professes that she does indeed like girls. Whether this is true or jsut a way to get a rise out of males is yet to be determined. But, I certainly am all for it. This year has been huge for her with coverage everywhere and lots of radio and TV play of her lame music.

52. Maria Brink (last year- 38) - Metal's resident tattooed beautiful blonde put out a special edition of her band, In This Moment's, The Dream featuring an fucking killer cover of Blondie's classic song Call Me. The band also was on Warp Tour and are currently doing their own tour. But, are you guys coming to NYC?!

51. Kristin Adams (last year- 52) - This babe still graces us with her beauty on G4 by giving cheats on X-Play and sometimes doing the news on Attack of the Show. Personally, speaking seeing the former Miss. Holt is always a pleasure to the eyes!

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