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The Hottest Babes of 2009, pt. 5, 30-21

30. Kara Tai (last year- 28) - I still think this Floridian beauty is unjustly underrated in the porn biz. With a beautiful face, sexy skin tone, and body to die for, she should be one of the biggest stars in the biz. And having seen some of her work this year, I can assure you that she fucking smolders whenever she is on screen!

29. Kristin Kreuk (new) - Having starred as the hottest video game babe in history, Chun-Li, in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (of course!) this drop-dead gorgeous beauty proved she could kick ass, as well as provide some solid acting. Her appearance on Attack of the Show, to promote said film, was one of my fav interviews on that show, this whole year. And, regardless what you may think of that film (I enjoyed it, for what it is worth) you cannot deny that she she might have one of the most beautiful pairs of eyes in the whole entire world!

28. Moon Bloodgood (new) - This exotic babe also appeared int eh aforementioned Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (damn! what a beautiful Asian cast that film had!), as well as Terminator: Salvation. I did not see that one, nor am I in any rush to do so, but I have heard about nudie scene of hers that got cut out for the PG-13 rating. I did see her sexy as hell pics for Maxim, though, and I can assure that she is one of the most utmost sexy actresses out there!

27. Betsy Rue (new) - She was the nude chick in the very enjoyable remake My Bloody Valentine 3D, and that meant her FULL FRONTAL nudity was in motherfucking 3D! If that does not warranty an appearance on this list, then what the fuck does?

26. Kelly Hu (new) - Truly one of the world's most undeniably beautiful women, this babe is still quite the busy honey. This year she did cartoon and video game voices as well as being on TV shows and movies (The Tournament, which I so need to see!) . She even appeared at the Big Apple Con in New York in September, which I sadly missed, as she is on the very top of my list of actresses I wanna meet. Not only that but she is 41 years old, believe it or not! A true goddess of the highest order.

25. Maryse Ouellet (new) - The WWE is overrun with interchangeable blonde, big boobie chicks, so to stand out, you have to be a truly unique vision of beauty. French Canadian Maryse is most certainly that. Plus, she has is just awesome as her snotty heel character, and, biggest props of all, her in-ring abilities have improved greatly. She held the Divas' Title but eventually jobbed it and was out of commission for some time due to an injury. But, any time she was/is on TV, she proved/proves to be one of the few reasons to actually watch the crap-fest that is Monday Night Raw.

24. Jasmine Mai (new) - One of the hottest and down right sexiest Import Models on God's green Earth, Jasmine continues to get yumier with each day. Plus, appearances at shows or cons like Chiller in April 2009 continue to prove that she's not just a pretty face, but one of the friendliest and coolest babes in the convention circuit.

23. Kaylani Lei (same) - My second absolute fav contract girl this smart, beautiful, and friendly Wicked Pictures starlet remains at the very top of her game. Any time she in a film, you know she will fucking burn the screen with her hotness. So much so that she, very rightfully so, got AVN awards this year for her performance in last year's awesome The Wicked (best actress and best group sex scene).

22. Alison Haislip (last year- 21) -Let me tell you something, anytime I see this babe on Attack of the Show, I am a happy camper. And, the short hair she got this year made her even hotter. With her great, bubbly personality, she is the very definition of the word cute. Along with the earlier ranked, in this list, Kristin Adams, she is one of the few girls that I actually like replacing Olivia Munn, whenever she is out.

21. Tiffany Shepis (last year- 23) - Aside from continuing to star in genre films, this year she also had her own advice column in Arrow in the Head. She is perhaps the sexiest American horror actress in the history of the genre. Tiffany may also be the coolest. Few people can be that perfect mix of sexy, playfulness, humor, and down-to-earth approachability that she has. Any time she does a convention one just has to go up to her. This year, at the October Chiller, she even hooked my two friends who could not make it to the show, with a free autograph. Is there any wonder why this babe has such an ardent fan following?

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