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Thanks to Carol Zara!

First off, I hope all my readers and friends are enjoying the holiday seasons thus far. I know I am, even if it is brutally cold in NYC, right now. Anyways, I was recently told by Carol Zara (who I know from Twitter and Facebook) that I won an autographed poster from her! On Christmas, I got it, via e-mail, and it was definitely one of the nicest surprises and highlights of that day! I think she looks smoking hot in it:

Carol is one of my absolute favorite people to follow on Twitter. She's a total babe, funny, and a fellow geek. She also has one of the best blogs, Digitally Blonde, on all the net. I just love the stuff she posts as it is always funny and ingenious.

She will also be featured on tomorrow night's G4 special Women of the Web 2 at 7PM to be hosted by Kevin Pereira. For more info go here: http://g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/700976/women-of-the-web-2-december-30th.html I know what I will be watching at that time!

I leave you with a video of her at Fan Expo Canada Toronto, ON:

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