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The Hottest Babes of 2009, pt. 1: 70-61

Ahh, it's that time again, when I pick the 70 hottest babes of the year. Last year this was such a success, with you readers, that I knew I had to do it again. Once, again the list is not only based on how much of a hottie a babe is, but also how many cool things she did this year. Thus, the hotter you are and the more output you have the higher you rank. And, as always I have zero desire to put in whatever interchangeable, untalented, overrated chick Hollywood shoves down your throat. So, if you are looking for any of the typical chicks who inhabit these lists look else where. Here, you will find mainstream actresses, metal chicks, internet models, porn actresses, b-movie babes, and maybe even a pop star, all ranked with the equal amount of love. By the way, next to each girl will be the ranking they had last year. Enjoy!

70. Sienna Miller (new) - G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was a total piece of shit, but Ms. Miller was smoking hot as my one of my all time favorite G.I. Joe characters, the Baroness. Yeah, I don't like the fact that she had no accent, and the way they changed her character was terrible. But, in the end she is one of the best things of this cinematic rape of my childhood. I gotta say black hair looks fucking smoldering on her!

69. Lzzy Hale (new) - The lead signer of hard rock band Halestorm is sexy as hell. First, off the band makes great, fun, and catchy pop tinged metal. Their video for I Get Off got some nice air play on Fuse. And, she was featured on Revolver's Hottest Chicks of Metal, this year.

68. Amy Smart (new) - This sexy blonde has long been one of my favs. It was great to see her in this year's over-the-top, violent, and wild Crank 2: High Voltage, as a stripper no less! Wish she would show more skin, though. Dear actresses reading this, if you are playing a stripper show the goods, please. I promise you will rank higher on this list. Thank you.

67. Anna Paquin (new) - Ms. Paquin is another actress I been a long time fan of. Seeing her nude on the truly excellent True Blood is always a pleasure. But, beyond being a total cutie with a nice rack, she is an excellent actress. The series hit a new high this year, and, in turn, so did she.

66. Daffney (new) - Daffney has always been one of my fav wrestling babes, since her days in WCW. So, I was so happy to see TNA bring her back. While, she looked cute as her Sarah Palin character, she looks her best as what she is: a HOT goth/ metal babe. Taz is so right to call her zombie hot. But, beyond that she takes some of the sickest bumps I ever seen anyone take, let alone a good looking woman!

65. Evan Rachel Wood (new) - She ended last year staring in the excellent The Wrestler, and she graced us with her beauty in True Blood, this year. Though, I have to sayIi was underwhelmed with her performance in it (and, usually I love her acting). But, she still made for a HOT vampire queen. Can I be your slave, Ms. Wood?

64. Alissa White-Gluz (last year- 67) - I really enjoyed the album by this babe's metalcore band, The Agonist. Lullabies for the Dormant Mind is a solid ass kicker. And, Alissa is the type of girl any metalhead would wanna date.

63. Jessica Bangkok (last year- 61) - One of the more unjustly underrated porn babes around, this curvy, Asian babe has a body that just drives me insane. And, like I said many times before, her name fucking owns!

62. Ellen Fox (new) - One of the two hosts of Current TV's Rotten Tomatoes show, Ellen is really funny. She's also happens to be really pretty and have nice tomatoes of her own.

61. Smith Cho (new) - This Korean babe started in that terrible, thankfully canceled, new Knight Rider series, in the surely miserable movie Fired Up, and got a role in Ugly Betty, this year. But, she is smoking hot and has beautiful face. Here's hoping she does something that does not suck next time.

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