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The Hottest Babes of 2009, pt. 6, 20-11

20. Gianna Lynn (last year- 1) - Before long time readers and friends say or ask anything, yes Gianna remains my absolute personal fav, but she drops from last year's top stop to twenty due to the fact that in the second half of 2009, we heard very little from this amazing beauty. Nonetheless, this year she stared in the much anticipated Operation Tropical Stormy where she played the villainess no less! She also mad Genesis' list of top stars, as well as was nominated for Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene for the movie Sun Goddess: Malibu. She, of course, remains the most beautiful woman on Earth, IMHO.

19. Kyanna Lee (new) - This naughty and sexy Asian babe has one of the best asses in the biz. She also makes every single scene she does blisteringly hot. Not, only that, but she come off as a pretty cool person. And, she is without a shadow of a doubt one of my absolute fav people to follow on Twitter!

18. Katsuni (last year- 20) - If I had to nominate one girl on this list for sexiest accent, it would be, hands down, this exotic and exquisite beauty. She is my absolute favorite contract girl. And, her performances are always something to drool over. Enough so that Dr. Jay named her one of the Must See Girls of 2010. Truth be told I think she is a must see all the time! Plus, she played a French teacher in Teachers. Which leads me to this thought: if French teachers looked liked her when I was in school, I sure as hell would have taken French!

17. Jada Cheng (new) - One of my personal fav models in the circuit this Sassy Assy babe is also one of the most fan friendly girls you will meet at cons. She is also impossibly sexy and hot. All of which was more than proven with her appearance at Exxxotica NY, this year. Oh yeah, she is also fucking awesome when it comes to following her on Twitter or being her friend on facebook. When it comes right down to it, Jada kicks ass!

16. Alexis Amore (last year- 15) - The Peruvian Princess continues to reign as one of the hottest and most beautiful Latinas in the whole, entire world. She, of course, is also one of the nicest, sweetest, and most all around cool actresses, and not just in the porn biz!

15. Josie Lee (last year- 16) - Aside from her drop dead gorgeous good looks, Lee is so sweet and friendly in person, that one cannot hope but totally crush on her. Anytime she makes an appearance at a con, like for example, this past October's Chiller, she is always one of the highlights at the show. Talking to her is always an utmost pleasure.

14. Kim Lee (new) - Quite easily one of the most beautiful models, I have ever laid eyes on Kim's light seems to be shinning brighter all the time. Her appearance on one of the covers to this year's excellent Show East magazine might be the single hottest magazine cover I seen in all of 2009. And, that dear readers and friends, is no small feet. And, the pics inside... They were fucking amazing!!!!!!!

13. Courtney Cummz (new) - I am some what a new fan of the lovely Ms. Cummz, but with her beauty she quickly ran up up favorites charts. But, it is her sexy and fun personality that further makes her stand out amongst her constituents. She was, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the truest highlights at Exxxotica NY 2009. The finally icing on the sexy cake has to be her blog, which as I have said before, is one of my my true personal favorites on the net. She just comes off as a total sweetheart. I think the sky is the limit for Ms. Cummz.

12. Adrenalynn (last year- 14) - One of the most multi-talented babes on this list (porn star, tattoo artist, blogger) this busty honey is one of the most down right awesome babes in the whole entire net. If I was gonna get a tattoo, she is definitely one of the people I would most like to work on it. On the net, or any where else for that matter, she really shines at all she does, whether it is in one of her social networking profiles (in particular her twitter account), her tattoo artist pics, her sexy pics, her porn, and anything else she fucking does!

11. Angelina Armani (last year- 30) - Few porn stars have a had more successful or amazing year than Angelina. In a very short period of time, she is earned lots of well deserved props. On the porn side of things she has been making countless of recent appearances, including the Free Speech Coalition in the State Capital of California, not to mention the porn cons and award events she has attended. Just recently she was nominated for Xbiz's New Starlet of the year and was named one of Dr. Jay's Must See Girls for 2010. Not to mention all the nominations that she got, some that I have campaigned for her, right in this very blog. On top of all that, her love for horror and superheroes, as proven by her pics on her myspace and facebook, and her totally awesome blog, the Armani Watch, for Genesis Online, has made her into a fanboy's dream cum true! And, guess what? I think that 2010 might be even bigger for her!

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