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The Hottest Babes of 2009, pt. 4. 40-31

40. Jesse Jane (new) - When a world of interchangeable big boobed blondes Digital Playground contract babe Jesse Jane really stands out. And, not just cause of her chest! Mega-hot and bubbly Jane is one of my fav busty blonde honeys. She continues to star in many of DPs best and biggest pornos and is always a pleasure to see in person, as her appearance in this year's Exxxotica once again proved. Throw in appearances on G4 and you have one of the brightest shining stars in the biz.

39. Gianna Jun (new) - Staring in the horror/ action flick Blood: The Last Vampire the beautiful Ms. Jun proved to be one of the sexiest and most ass kicking vamps ever! This fun adaptation of the Anime, of the same name, has this Korean beauty killing vampires in a school girl outfit! Making me ask the question, Kate Bekinsale who?

38. Mika Tan (last year- 40) - The impossibly beautiful Ms. Tan has been working at the Bunny Ranch this year, which means if I was ever to visit them I would, without a shadow of a doubt, want to pay her a visit! A true goddess that makes us thankful that prostitution is legal in Vegas!

37. Kim Ok-Bin (new) - Staring in my fav movie of this year, thus far, Chan Wook Park's Thrist, the stunningly ravishing Kim Ok-Bin played THE hottest vampire babe that has EVER been caught on a celluloid. But, behind her truly awe inspiring and breathtaking beauty lies an immensely talented actress that, hopefully, we will see more of soon.

36. Chelsea Handler (last year- 37) - She's funny, has a potty mouth, speaks her mind, loves drinking Grey Goose vodka, has great legs, and is smoking hot. What is there not to like? She has the single most lucrative contract on E! and has one of the highest rated shows on that channel. Her star continues to grow bigger and brighter. She even appeared in Playboy this month, though sadly did not show the goods. Life is so unfair sometimes!

35. Laura Vandervoort (new) - ABC's reboot of V drew some huge ratings, despite the fact that there were only four episodes this whole year! One reason I kept tuning in is this beautiful blue eyed blonde babe, who played an alien that hooks up with a lucky human dude. Seriously, this babe makes me think that intergalactic sex is a great fucking idea!

34. Naughty Nina Kay (new) - You know the Internet has a lot of hot nudes models, so to stand out you really need to set yourself apart from the crowd. Being impossibly hot, having good tweets on Twitter, and hooking up your Twitter followers with a free autographed pic, something this amazing hottie did this year, is definitely the way to just that. I think this babe has a great future ahead of her!

33. Stoya (last year- 49) - Digital Playground's gorgeous contract babe made some headlines by dating metal goth dude Marilyn Manson, who gets props for sticking to his type so well. But, she recently dumped his ass. Stoya remains unmitigatedly hot and yummy. And, one of the hottest contract girls, in the history of pornography.

32. Sophia Bush (last year- 26) - This incredible beauty is still on One Tree Hill. Which leads me to my next question: when will she be on something I like? Regardless, she remains one of my long time personal favorites.

31. Natasha Yi (new) - This fun and gorgeous Asian babe has, in a very short period of time, become one of my favorite Internet models. Anyone can have hot pics posted (though few are as beautiful as Ms. Yi is), but very few can have as fun a blog as she does: http://natashayi.tv/ Which is a big reason as to why I love her so much!

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