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Season Premieres: Supernatural and Heroes

With the new fall season upon us, TV shows have come back with new episodes. I will go into two of them: Supernatural and Heroes.


Last season, Supernatural left on a high note. The death and ultimate sending to hell of Dean was a shocker.

This fourth season opened with a shocker of it's own. Dean is free from hell! But, who set him free? He thought it was bro, Sam, but alas it was not.

By the end of the awesome episode we learn it was an angel sent by God! Dean don't believe in God, but looks like he may have to now.

Meanwhile, Sam has been learning how to use his powers, which include exorcising demons. Too bad, he still don't how to do it without killing the host. Doh! But, he has help from Ruby! But, he told Dean that she is dead. And, she has a new host body, played by the pretty Genevieve Cortse . Hey, I think she is attractive, but she ain't no Katie Cassidey. Still, lets give her a chance, OK?

Anyways, this season has AWESOME written all over it. I am so pumped for it!!

The same cannot be said for Heroes....

Last season was really fucking bad. The writer's strike definitely hurt this show and hurt it bad. Right up to the TERRIBLE season finale, which was easily the worst season finale, that i saw this year. A lot of places love to kiss this show's ass, but not I. I will, on the other hand, gladly, kiss Hayden Panettiere's ass .

Anyways, I saw it last night, as on G4 as I went out on Monday night. I was underwhelmed to say the least.

At two hours, it was hard for it to catch and hold my interest. Here are some, very, random thoughts on it:

- Sylar having his powers back is great and all, and his attack on Claire (Hayden Panettiere) was really good and suspenseful. but, I have a problem with it. He says she cannot die, but in the alternate future shown in the first season, he did kill her, this same manner. I have a theory as to why she was able to live in this case (he gave her the top of her head back, and hence she was able to heal herself), but I ain't sure that this really makes all that much sense. But hey Hayden is hot!

- I consider Ali Larter to be one of the hottest babes ever . In fact, I am a long time fan. Yep, I have liked her since her appearance in Final Destination. Anywho, I don't really like the corporate look for her this season. And, I usually LOVE the sectary look, but just not for her. Still, she looked great in the first shot that she is in. But, her having yet another personality, this time as a lady in government is lame. How many different personality will she have? Is she gonna have one every fucking season, for chrissake?! Anyways, here is one more pic for my fellow Ali fans:

- The villains, for which this season is named after, suck. All of them rip-off some supervillain, whether it be Pyro, Magneto, or, just about master of fear villain (Mr. Fear, Scarecrow [both the DC and Marvel versions]), etc. To say nothing of the fact that the villain Hiro meets is a Flash wannabe. Very lame, very unoriginal, and, in all, not very interesting.

So it goes like this: Heroes has two more episodes to regain my interest, otherwise it gets flushed down the toilet.