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Dexter- Third Season Premiere

Last night one of the best TV shows, ever returned to TV. Here are my thoughts:


So, this new season starts off with Dexter trying to get a scumbag drug dealer with a habit of killing young women (he has already offed two). Dex goes to permanently snuff the guy, but alas, he finds someone fighting him. The scumbag gets away, and Dex ends up killing the other dude instead. Who is he? Well he is the brother of a Miami DA, played by one of my fav actors Jimmy Smits. Smits' chaarcter is well loved in the community. Doh!

Dex has never done something like this. He needs to know if the guys is guilty or innocent. We soon learn that he is a junkie, thanx to Dex's sis. So, there must be more than meets the eye to this guy...

An interesting and bold beginning, I must say, having your anti-hero kill, a possibly innocent man. The episode was good and an interesting set-up to the rest of the season. My only complaint? It's a weak one, really. Dex's sis, Debra, has a new possible love interest. Does she really need a new one every season? The first one ended fucked up and the second one actually came off as rather sweet. Give the girl a season off of romancing, please!

Speaking of sweet, I love the relationship of Dex and Rita and her kids. It is very heartwarming and tender. And, getting back to Debra, what is up with that cute Asian chick from internal affairs, who keeps going up to her, to help her out on a case. Deb rejects cause she ain't a rat, but where will that lead to?

Call me intrigued, once again, by one of the best genre shows, ever!