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Samurai Girl- The Last Part of the Mini-Series

So, yesterday I gave you a review of Samurai Girl's first two parts, having seen the finale, i can now tell you... It is even worse, than I thought it was! Holy crap!


First and foremost, please tell em how dumbass love interest Jake falls of a fucking mountain and LIVES! Oh, and later gets stabbed by Stacy Kiebler's character in the lower back, by the kidney area, and still he does not die! Is this guy like the Terminator or related to Jason Voorhees or Micheal Myers?! Fucking lame!

And, speaking of Ms. Kielber, man, I thought she sucked in part two, but man she was terrible in part three. She confuses acting evil for cute pouting faces. Go back to wrestling, you untalented moron!

Jamie of course, looks great, and it is nice when she kicks Kiebler's sweet ass, but once again she is the only compliment this crap gets. Oh, and the ending sets us up for a possible sequel, or, God in heaven help us, a series!!!!!!! Man, I LOVE Ms. Chung and all, but I don't if I could ever endure more of this shit! Which means The total score for this filth (that is all three parts) is *1/2 out of ****

That said, I reaffirm what I said last month, I will see the DragonballZ movie... Oh, yeah here is an interview with lovely Ms. Chung on both of these films.

Well, hey two Jamie Chungs in one film maybe too much hotness for the world to endure!