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My Love For Pop Toys Continues at NYCC 2013

Oh Funko Pop toys at NYCC 2013, my addiction to them continued. There were many NYCC exclusives though I actually only picked up one. OK he wasn't really an NYCC exclusive more of a Convention Exclusive: It was Merle Dixon of AMCs The Walking Dead. Blood spattered but still cute he's a great companion to the Harrison exclusive I bought last year his brother Daryl.

I also finally picked up gizmo from Gremlins, one of my favorite movies a horror-comedies & a classic in my book. The toy is adorably cute suitable for well what gizmo is. I also picked up Darkside the ultimate DC villain and one of my personal super-villains of all time. He was very cool and was actually the first time I'd seen him for sale.

Finally I also picked up Gunter from Adventure Time. This adorable penguin has no pose-ability, but who gives a crap? He's really cute and I actually don't even think that's that is supposed to be out yet for sale. So, somebody at NYCC was very, very naughty!

As always the detail is awesome on these toys. There is a reason I buy them and are my addiction I absolutely love them all and can't pick which is the best one. So let's just say it was a tie!