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Current Horror TV Series Review


Usually around this time, I try to post as much horror write-ups as I can, but I been so busy it ain't been easy. I always take requests, though, and, someone wanted a Supernatural write-up, so I figured it was a good enough time to look at the current crop of horror shows on TV.

Supernatural – only two episodes this season, and it's has already been wild!! There are so many crazy things happening not the least of which is: Cas no longer has angel powers, angels have crashed down to earth as they've all been kicked out of heaven, Sam has an angel inside of him, but it's not just all angel stuff. The very sexy and tasty Abbadn is back! This hot warrior of hell is one that hot, evil bitch and on the second episode, which is the one she returned on, she cause a lot of problems for the Winchester boys. Like I said, it's only been two episodes, but I'm already really into this season. Which is much more than I can say for last season which was all right, but kind of uneven.

The Walking Dead – The most popular horror show, and one of the most popular TV series ever, returned for its fourth season. The first episode was, I think, a little uneven. It started off kind of boring and quite frankly there are way too many, new characters and I gave a flying fuck about, but... It kicked into full gear when they entered an abandoned store and fucking zombies were falling from the ceiling!! And, that one ended with quite a kid who was sick, died, and came back as a zombie. Which led to this past Sunday's episode where he contaminated a bunch of people, turned then into zombies, our heroes had to fight then, and there also zombies trying to get into the prison, from the outside, because apparently, some fucking reason, someone has been feeding them rats. Really good episode, easily one of the best I've seen in quite some time on this series. Here's hoping that this is a solid season, unlike the very uneven second and third seasons. As I've said in the past on twitter, Facebook, and probably here,  I enjoy The Walking Dead, but I've been having issues with it since its second season. Let's hope this is the one that gets right back on track like the excellent first season.

American Horror Story: Coven- After the atrocious last season, Asylum, this series is back on track with a tale of witches. GREAT cast, cool, characters, and a very awesome story highlight this one. I loved the last episode, where we even got a Frankenstein zombie creature!! And, we met a necromancer (witches with power over the dead), who reanimated gators and them eat the hunters, who had killed, them. Also, Emma Roberts is really fuckin. Just saying.

I should mention that this Friday is the return of another great horror TV series, Grimm. Last season was phenomenal so I really, really can't for this coming season to start! I think it's gonna kick some major ass!

Oh, and for those wondering, I tried watching Sleepy Hollow and wanted to kick my cable box. What an awful, stupid piece of shit!! And, the upcoming Dracula looks even worse, even if it does have the hottie who played the Huntress on Arrow on it...


Jim said...

I'll bet my student loan debt the Governor is behind the rats.

And what, no Coven? No Sleepy Hollow? You're slipping ;)

Giovanni Deldio said...

Shit! My bad!! Corrected!!!