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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Tamlyn Tomita

October is a month filled with scary and horrible things. And, in the name of horror, the Hot Asian Girl of the Month for October 2013 is the gorgeous Tamlyn Tomita, who has been in a couple of genre outings.

Tomita the was born in Okinawa, Japan on January 27, 1966.

Before becoming an actress she won the Nisei Week Pageant in Los Angeles in 1984, and Miss Nikkei International in 1985.

She is most famous, though, for playing the love interest of Ralph Macchio in the The Karate Kid Pt. II. She is an absolute stunner in that movie. And, surely one that broke the hearts of many boys watching it.

As mentioned before, she's been in her share of horror films. She was in the really godawful remake of the Japanese horror classic The Eye that stared Jessica Alba, the underrated The Killing Jar, and most recently in a couple of episodes of True Blood. She looked absolutely phenomenal in those episodes and her catfight is one of the last seasons true highlights.

Some video of her on a red carpet.

As I said before, she is still absolutely gorgeous and is a complete MILF. Her almond eyes, porcelain skin, long, black hair, sexy legs, and everything else about her makes her the perfect choice to be this month's hot Asian girl of the month.