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NYCC 2013- Thurs

All photography by Negative Pop, Kristin Debenedictis, and myself.

New York Comic Con (NYCC) was held this year, 2013, on October 10–13, and it was a blast!! As it always is. The first day, October 10, was a Thursday. Usually Thursdays are kind of quiet and relaxed,well relatively I suppose. But I think that this might've been the most packed Thursday ever! There was a huge a line just to get into the show and pick up tickets for those who had not gotten them in the mail.
The first thing that we did, we as an Negative Pop, a.k.a. Alan, Kristin, and myself, was wait to get into the Raze movie panel, which is an action-horror hybrid starring Zoe Bell. I reviewed it for best– horror–movies.com a few months ago, but I'll talk about this panel more on that site in the near future.

As always there were lots of cute little things around the convention. I saw mascots of Pac-Man and the fruits that are in the game. They were really adorable, but I think I like Felix the Cat even more. Enough so that Kristin and I got a picture with him. While, we had Starbucks coffee, cause God knows you need coffee to fully function at this convention!
One of my favorite makeups has to be this zombie girl, Amanda Citron which she did by herself. I've known her mom, Rayvn, for a long time on the net, but we finally met in person at NYCC. Anyway, I was just blown away by her daughter's work. Props to her.

Kristin and I are huge fans of The Misfits. I've met Jerry Only, of said band, before but she hadn't, so it was cool to see him and her to meet him. I actually ended up visiting his table 3 days total, though I only saw him one more time, as he wasn't there on Sunday. But, more on that day in a future  post. Regardless, he was mad cool as he signed a bunch of shit for free and posed for pictures for free. I mean he is a fucking legend, so how freaking awesome is that he does this all for free?! All hail Jerry Only! All hail The fucking Misfits.
We also hung out by the FEARnet table and met my long time internet friend Luke LaBeau, who works for them, in person. He's a cool dude and had some really cool horror flick tattoos. We also met the beautiful Leeanna Vamp, but I'll save her when I posted the interview that I did with her. For now, I leave you with this cool Sam from Trick 'R' Treat prop.

I also saw Vampy Bitme, but more on her in a very near future and did a little shopping, as well. All in all, we had a good time great time actually. I have so much more to speak about all the cool shit we saw and did, but those writes up are coming. So, just have a little patience. Between this show and Exxxotica NJ; I have tons of writes to post!

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