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NYCC 2013- Friday

All photography by Negative Pop and myself.

The highlight of the second day of New York Comic Con had Alan, AKA Negative Pop, and I attending a roundtable press panel for the very fun and funny Big Ass Spider. But, I'll post most on that in due time, since I covered it for best-horror-movies.com. For now, let me share the pic of us and the cast and crew of it, director Mike Menudez and Greg Grunbreg and Lombardo Boyar.

The rest of the day had me going all over the place taking pics, buying shit, and having a great time. Let's now go with some of the cool toys I saw that day:
 At the Mattel booth: I LOVE the Masters of the Universe line!! Too bad they are sooo expensive...
 Modulok!! One of my favorite characters!!!
 Not at the Mattel booth, but still more MOTU awesomeness!!
 The above and bottom are from the Hallmark booth.

And, now for some of my favorite cosplays of that day:
 Dear God, she is HOT!!!!
 Best. Shredder. EVER!!! The Ninja Turtles are DEAD!!!
 Damn, you, Spidey. You get all the hot chicks!
 Hot Asian dressed as a cop, blowing bubbles with her nightstick. Needed I say more?
 Total cutie!!! Glasses are hot!!
 It's always great to see my bro Nelson. He was doing a group anime cosplay.
 The girl doing the Borderlands cosplay was GREAT!!! And, the other girl had the hottest legs of that day!!!
 Zombie Mario will eat your guts! NOT mushrooms.
Black Manta was one of my true personal favs.


Well, she does love big cans? Do you?

 It's Orko, motherfucker!!!

Check out Negative Pop's write up on Friday: