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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Mika Tan

Ahh, the last month of 2008. I figured I would make the pick of Hot Asian Girl of the Month, extra hot this time around. Think of it as my Christmas present to you! And, so this month's pick is the amazingly beautiful adult superstar, Mika Tan.

Mika was born on November 27, 1977 in Oahu, Hawaii to a Japanese father and an Okinawan-Taiwanese mother. She was adopted at three by her grandmother, but also traveled all over the world as an Army brat. You see, her father was in the military and so was her sister. She was a U.S. Marine and also helps her out with her website. Coincidentally, Mika is also related to last month's Hot Asian of the Month, the stunning Josie Lee (note: Mika's mom side of the family is big on modeling and music).

It is evident that dancing is in her blood, and that she is good at it. This clip also makes it obvious that she has a very fun personality to her:

She was a child model and did extra work for television, commercials. and theaters, and was a member of the Movement Company dance troupe in Guam. She studied San Diego State University, where she got a Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry and an Associate's Degree in Psychology.

She did some nude modeling and stripping to earn extra money. Science bored her so she worked in the timeshare industry in sales and marketing for Dennis Hof, yes the guy who runs the Bunny Ranch. Though, she never got involved in that. She tried acting, but the casting couch was all too much for her. In fact, she says she never encountered it in the porn biz, but alas Hollywood is overrun by it.

Discovered at an am/pm convenience store by porn director Jack Pearl, she initially worked only with her then, hubby. But, he was too jealous. She divorced him. Sadly, she also had a third month miscarriage, during what she has called "the worst time in her life". She married another porn star, Alec Knight, but divorced him, too.

She is an amazing performer, working with men and women of all races. Her scenes are always hot, and she has very sexy attitude in her performances. Despite, being nominated many times by the AVN, she did not win until in 2006, when she got Best Oral. Much of her work has been has been in fetish porn. She is exceedingly at it, as she with porn in general!

This clip manages to have Mika in stockings and smoking a cigar. It's a very sexy little clip and great example of her ability to exude pure sex:

Mika is semi-retired, but she still works on hardcore porn (preferring plot driven movies, now). But, she has also moved into production, as well being a certified make-up artist and studying editing and film production. She also happens to have a great myspace. In fact, I would say that her blogs are one of the best in all of myspace, not just among porn stars. They are very honest, informative, and intelligently written.

Mika is very intelligent and absolutely beautiful. Her beautiful face, great rack, perfect ass, and truly amazing, curvy body set her apart from many a porn babe.

In fact, Mika has not only one of the best asses I ever seen on an Asian chick but one of the best asses in the world, period. Her butt should be worshiped by all! This clip will serve as proof of why you need to bow down it. I found to be, er, very uplifting.

She is a truly amazing woman and porn star and deserves the best. In short? Mika Tan fucking rulz!