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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2008, pt. 5: 30-21

30. Angelina Armani- - This tall, leggy, Russian New Yorker with supermodel good looks was formerly known as Ariana Armani, but now goes by Angelina Armani. She is Digital Playground's newest contract girl. She was also extremely sexy and cool when I met her at Exxxotica NY, this year. I have a feeling next will be huge for her!

29. Jandi Lin- - With sexy tattoos and a beautiful face this naturally stunning Asian porn goddess has rapid become one of my fav performers in the biz, today. She pretty much exudes sexuality from every pore in her body.

28. Kara Tai- - This Floridan goddess has, in a very short period of time, taken my heart. She is so beautiful and sexy, it is hard not love her. Besides, I think she has one of the coolest names I have seen in a while!

27. Camilla Belle- - I did not bother seeing her newest movie 10,000 B.C., but I ain't in no rush to do so, anyways. Still, she has one of the most beautiful faces in all of Hollywood. She is also a very talented actress. Totally underrated and I don't know why!

26. Sophia Bush- - The One Tree Hill actress has not been in any bad horror movies this year (unlike last year's The Hitcher and 2006's Stay Alive), but she is with a shadow of a doubt one of the most stunning, breath taking, awe-inspiring beauties to ever please our eyes.

25. Christine "ForBiddeN" Dolce- - This dream come true for rocker chick lovers is, along with Tila Tequila, one of the two most famous babes on all of myspace. Cool, sexy, beautiful, how in the fuck could you not be in love with her?

24. Grace Kim- - Playboy is guilty of boring me to tears with their interchangeable looking blonde bimbos. So thank God, for Grace Kim who is quite simply put the most beautiful Playmate in ages. She is a breath of fresh air. And, with her love of Guitar Hero, a nerd's wet-dream come true.

23. Kaylani Lei- - Wicked Pictures' beautiful contract star, Kaylani Lei, kicked major fucking ass, and showed how nice her ass is, in horror/ porno crossover The Wicked. She was also really cool and smart when I had the pleasure of interviewing her for the Gorezone.net, earlier this year.

22. Tiffany Shepis- - Perhaps the sexiest horror actress ever, Tiffany Shepis rules. And, she rules conventions she appears at, too, as proven by her two appearances at Chiller this year.

21. Alison Haislip- - The cutest, prettiest, yummiest girl on G4, Alison has become a fan favorite fast. She has a great attitude, and makes any appearance of hers on Attack of the Show or Whacked Out Videos worth watching.

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