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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2008, pt. 1: 70-61

As 2008 draws to an end, I think it is time we remember the hotties that made life better this year. Unlike, other lists out there, I don't kiss ass, nor will I have such wastes of space as Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, or Brittney Spears. By the way looks is not all that influenced this list, but also what she did this year. The more she did or the cooler it was combined with her looks and her personality shall determine her ranking on my list. So over the next few days/ weeks I will post more, till reaching the last ten. Enjoy.

70. Destiney- This beauty from VH-1's Charm School: Rock of Love has stunning eyes. She also has a pretty nice rack!

69. Inna- -Another beauty from Charm School: Rock of Love, this Eastern European beauty has a sexy accent to match her hot bod.

68. Wata- - This cutie from Japanese alt-metal band Boris is not only hot but very talented. To see just what a babe she is check out Boris' video for Smile, which got played quite a bit on the Headbanger's Ball, this year.

67. Alissa White Gluz- - Speaking of a vid that got played a lot on Headbanger's Ball, you need only to go back to begin of this year with metalcore band The Agonist and their video for Business Suits and Combat Boots. She can really sign and scream. And, she is stunner, with her pale white skin, green eyes, and beautiful face. They are currently working on a new album, which I totally look forward to.

66. Eihi Shiina- - The Japanese beauty from Takashi Miike's modern, horror classic Audition was the lead in Tokyo Gore Police. I ain't seen it yet, but goddamn is she pretty! And talented, too!

65. Laura Nichol- - Earlier this year, this beauty made it to Revolver's list of the Hottest Chicks in Metal. Sadly, her amazing melodic death metal band Light This City broke up. But, they managed to put out one last album, the incredible Stormchaser. She has a beautiful face and sexy tats and ranks as one of the most breathtaking women in metal. Plus, her screaming vocals owns!

64. Selma Blair- - OK, so she did not make out with any hot girls this year, or for a long time, for that matter, but she looked AMAZING in Guillermo Del Toro's excellent Hellboy 2. The short hair is a sexy look for, I think.

63. Doris Yeh- - Thanks to being on Ozzfest last year Taiwanese black metal masters Chthonic have been getting lots of press. They deserve it. And, their beautiful bass player also runs a cool myspace. Not only that but she was on the cover of the Taiwanese edition of FHM! If they put out a new album, except this beauty to rank even higher on this list, next time!

62. Kat Von D- - This tattooed, Latin beauty has one of the most enjoyable reality shows on TV in LA Ink and looked killer in her pics for Revolver's The Hottest Chicks in Metal issue. Her cover and foldout poster with Marta is CLASSIC!

61. Jessica Bangkok- - This beauty maybe kind of new to the porn world, but good God is she amazing. Besides, have a gorgeous face, she has a body to die for. The natural boobs are amazing, as is that ass. And, seeing her in action is a godsend. I look forward to more from this breathtaking beauty. Oh, yeah her name is fucking cool as hell, too!


Anonymous said...

i definately agree with you on Destiney. she's definately HOT!!!!!