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The New Duffs Is better than ever!

NOTE: Many of the pics are courtesy of my good friend Alan.

As I have said in the past, Duffs is my fav bar, ever. I missed the opening, but my friend, Alan, hit the new Duffs on Friday. The new locale is now at 168 Marcy Avenue, (Btwn. S 5th & Broadway), Williamsburg.

Anyways, The new place is bigger and better looking!
I was absolutely floored with how good it looks. Now, some have called the old Duffs a hole in the wall, but was, and always be, special to me. The new place is huge and NOT a hole in the wall, by any stretch of the word. There is ample room to move around and even seating in the back. The seating by beautiful, long, white bar is great.

As always there is memorabilia, both new and old, through out the bar.

This guitar is from Nergal of blackened-death metal masters Behemoth:

The jukebox is still the best in the world. I pretty much flipped out when I saw the amazing "Carcass- Heartwork" album was added to the box! That album is one of the first, and best, melodic-death metal albums, ever. Goddamn does this place rule!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course you here to drink, and while there is no tap beer, the selection is still sweet as hell:

The bartenders are back, of course. So, Tracy and Laurie-Ann are there, and I will be damned if there are better and cooler bartenders on any place in this world!

The old place is still owned by Jimmy Duff but is now called the Bunker. They have new bartenders and has become more of a rock n' roll place as opposed to a metal joint.

So, I don't know how to say this, but get your fucking ass to the new Duffs if you ain't been there, yet. And, if you have then you know what I am talking about. And, you need to go back, like right fucking now. Or, when get out of work. Cause this place fucking rulz all!!!!!!!!!!!


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