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No Man's Land: Asian Edition 3

Title: No Man's Land: Asian Edition 3
Studio: Video Team
Cast: Fujiko Kano, Jade Marcella, Mia Smiles, Tia Son, Envy Mi, Bamboo, Cheryl D., and Kianna Dior

A beautiful, rich lover of the arts (Jade Marcella) asks a gorgeous "acquisitions expert" (Cheryl D., also known as Cheryl Dynasty and Cheryl Lynn Khan) to get her a book on lesbian erotic poems from Ancient Greece away from the Velvet Mafia a secret group of rich, Asian lesbians.

No Man's Land always delivers the goods, and they most certainly do just that in this third installment in their excellent series. This one features a cast that is fucking awesome!

The first scene has the absolutely gorgeous Jade Marcella in bed with the lovely Tia Son. It's a good scene and a nice way to prepare you for what will be a movie that will have you going through boxes of tissues before it is over.

It's the next scene that is the best, though. Our lovely heroine goes to talk to one of the members of the Velvet Mafia, the extremely cute and yummy Mia Smiles. She is being messaged by two gorgeous babes, by way of cover girl Fujiko Kano (here just under her first name) and Envy Mi (gotta love that name!). Soon, as would be expected, the girls begin to have sex with Mia, and it turns into a smoldering three-way. This scene is so sexy, that even before it actually gets started there is an air of sexiness that just drips forth from the screen. It is an excellent scene that you will want to return to in a future viewing, trust me.

In fact the film keeps a sexy feeling through it's duration, in much part thanks to it's amazing, awe inspiring cast. The owner of the book (the gorgeous Kianna Dior, here using only her first name) is into S&M, and gets it on with her beautiful slave (Bamboo). This another fucking nuclear hot scene, as I love the way Kianna dominates Bamboo. Seeing them dressed in fetish wear and doing the whole role-playing thing is hot as fuck!

Having gotten the book, Cheryl now begins to read it at her house. She soon begins to touch herself in a yummy moment. It leads to her fantasizing about Fujiko. I love the way it cuts between her fantasy, and she playing with herself. Cheryl is just so fucking cute and sexy. To bad this Vietnamese babe is no longer making movies cause I seriously love her. Combining her with Japanese goddess Fujiko, who has supermodel good looks, is a great idea. God bless the makes of this film!

Finally, the movie ends on a super, high note, as two of my favs get it on. Jade returns and seduces Cheryl, who is now clearly been convinced as to why girls should love other girls. On a side note, I wish this book really existed and could convince hot girls to being into other hot girls. I would totally be up for every hot babes everywhere getting one! Anyways, back to the scene. The kissing at the begin makes for a smoldering start to what is the second best scene in the film. I was waiting for these two to get it on since I first saw them talk to each other at an earlier part of the movie. And, this scene does not disappoint. It, and just this porno, as a whole, really pleases my Asian fever.

I liked the extras, too. There is a photo shoot for the cover, featuring Fujiko and Jade. God, I love both these girls, and their attitude is so sexy that it makes this totally worth watching. Oh, and the fact that they get nude helps, too! I would have loved to see Jade (who I simply adore) being on the cover with Fujiko, but that is a weak complaint consider how fucking good this movie is.

The behind the scenes has interviews with all the girls. We learn a little about each girl. They all act sexy, when they are interviewed on camera. In the case of Bamboo and Fujiko, I just simply LOVE their accents! In all, this is more good stuff that will have your eyes popping out of your head. Four trailers to other entries in the No Man's Land series are also included.

The sound and picture are excellent. So, if you, like me, love Asians and lesbians, then this movie is one you have to own. A stroke-a-lific masterpiece all the way!

4 out of 4 Woodies

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