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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2008, pt. 3: 50-41

50. Asia Argento- - While, I ain't seen Three Mothers, yet, and from what I hear I don't seem to be missing much, Asia is a talented and beautiful woman. She got mentioned on Attack of the Show, around Halloween time, where they acknowledged her nudity in said film. Naked Asia is ALWAYS a good thing.

49. Maggie Q- - She is always one of the most beautiful women in any film she stars in. She was also the first girl to get her own blog, here. Earlier this year she was connected to the whole Edison Chen controversy, even though it is doubtful there are any nudes of her from his batch of pics. But, one can only dream/ hope, right? She also contributed her voice to Need for Speed: Undercover.

48. Penny Flame- - One of the most enthusiastic, sweetest, most cool porn stars ever, this natural beauty was a pleasure to meet at the New York Exxotica Convention. In fact, she was one of the coolest girls at the show. She also appeared in what may have been one of the best, if not, in fact, the best, girl-girl film of the year, Predator II: The Return.

47. Sophia Santi- - Formerly known as Natalia Cruz, this stunning multi-ethnic porn beauty, only does girl-girl scenes, now, but you when look this gorgeous, have amazing God-given tits, sexy tattoos, and do scenes as scorching as the one in this year's kick ass horror-porno release, The Wicked, it really does not matter. And, she has a great attitude too, as proven by her interview in the extra features part of said flick.

46. Kyla- - OK, so she got dumped from Scream Queens in the second week, but you know what? Kyla is without a shadow of a doubt one of the hottest babes to ever appear on a reality show. She has model good looks and a body to die for. I hope she ends up in some cool movies, in particular horror films, as she has the beauty to do them.

45. Cristina Scabbia- - Her band goth-metal Lacuna Coil released a DVD last month, Visual Karma (which I meed to pick up). By the way, have you seen the pics of her posing in a Slipknot shirt for Spencers that appeared in this month's issue of Revolver?! Holy fuck! This Italian goddess and frontwoman for the best female fronted metal band, ever, is one of the most beautiful women in music, today!

44. Natalya Rudakova- - Anyone, who saw this Eastern European beauty in The Transporter 3 (the best in the series, so far, I think) and how sexy she is, especially when she danced, stripped, got drunk (on vodka, my fav drink!)/ high knows why this babe is here! And, those eyes! Wow!

43. Amy Lee- - One of the most beautiful women in the world Amy Lee, frontwoman to pop/ goth/ metal outfit Evanescence also has one of the most amazing voices in rock, ever. Her band did not put anything out this year, but she did contribute a song to the Nightmare Before Christmas CD. She also happens to have THE most beautiful eyes, ever! In truth, had her band released some new material, she probably would have ranked a lot higher!

42. Lina So- - Lina was my fav on Scream Queens. In fact, I was totally disappointed when she got kicked off. I think she is absolutely gorgeous. That and she is a really good actress, with a bright future ahead of her. In fact, she only loses some points cause she does not like to make-out with girls. But, you what? Even with that taken into account, she is a drop-dead gorgeous babe. And, I hope we see more of her, and soon!

41. Hayden Panettiere- - While, I gave up on Heroes, having become the piece of festering shit that it is now, I cannot tell a lie, Hayden is hot. This barely legal babe of Italian descent has the special power to make us all drool!

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