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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2008, pt. 7: 10-1

10. Keeani Lei- - I will be damned if Keeani is not one of the cutest and fucking hottest porn babes out there. A skater, surfer, and video gamer there is more to this Asian/ Latina than being just another porno cutie. Plus, her vid of her playing Guitar Hero is one of my fav virals of the whole year!

9. Megan Fox- - One of the sexiest actresses in all of Hollywood, Megan Fox's hype is well founded. Earlier in the year nude pics (OK, she is in a see-through body suit, but I digress) from her upcoming horror flick, Jennifer's Body from Juno screenwriter, and fellow hottie, Diablo Cody, popped up online. Thus, further cementing her as an Internet, and starting with her star turning role in last year's Transformers, and geek fav. Her recent interview in GQ revealed that she has a thing for Olivia Wydle and Jenna Jameson. Tats, black hair, gorgeous eyes, a beautiful face, and body that just screams SEX, this babe has it all (though loses points for dating Brian Austin Green). And, remember kids, next year she will also be in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. So, 2009 could be even bigger for her, and in turn, for us!

8. Tila Tequila- - She is still, the most popular person on myspace. Meanwhile, the second season of her reality TV show, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, proved to be even more wild than last season, and while she did not find true love, she did put out a book. And, Ms. Tequila went on an autograph tour meeting and signing her book for her legion of fans. In fact, meeting her was one of the highlights of 2008 for me.

7. Gail Kim- - She might have lost her TNA Knockouts belt, but she still proved to be the most talented, and to me, the most beautiful babe, currently, in all of wrestling. She is not in TNA anymore, and her fans anxiously await her in ring return. But, thank God TNA released the highly recommended, by yours truly, Knocked Out DVD to remind us of the kick ass and quality matches this Korean/ Canadian babe can put on.

6. Jamie Chung- - While, the mini-series Samurai Girl may have mostly crap, Jamie's presence and irresistible beauty made it, for me anyway, a must watch. Next year could be a break out year for this unbelievably gorgeous honey, as she has roles in the DragonBall Z movie and the remake of House on Sorority Row (now called simply Sorority Row). I hope more notice the amazing goddess that she is.

5. Vicky Vette- - One of the most beautiful MILFs on God's green Earth, Vicky is also really smart and fan friendly, which truly sets her miles apart from just about any woman, in any aspect of the entertainment business. The shapely Viking babe with stunning blue eyes gives blistering performances and won this year's Booble contest, thanks to her loyal (and deservedly so) fan following. Their votes made her beat Tera Patrick! And, remember she is 43 years old! Vicky is just, simply put, truly, truly amazing!

4. Audrina Patridge- - I hate The Hills as much as anything, but it has contributed one good thing to the world: Audrina Patridge. She far outshines the boring, vapid, and interchangeable blonde bitches that fester on that waste of air space. Audrina has one the most beautiful pairs of eyes on this planet and a killer body. And, just to remind us of how hot her body is Maxim magazine had her, this year, in one of their best shoots ever! Shes joins fellow top 10er (on this list) babe, Jamie Chung, in next year's Sorority House, making that one of the few remakes I actually give a flying fuck about.

3. Grace Park- - The first half (the second half comes in January) of the last season of Battlestar Galatica aired earlier this year, and fans could not have been happier. Aside, from being the greatest sci-fi show, ever, it has plethora of hotties. The hottest of which is this Korean/ Canadian babe, who might just be THE single, most beautiful woman in all of TV. Not convinced? Well then go look for her sexy pics in Complex magazine, which ranks, easily, as one of my fav non-nude photo shoots of the year.

2. Joanna Angel- - Joanna has appeared on G4's Attack of the Show, continued making her company Burning Angel the fucking greatest porn company ever, gave hot as hell performances, made great in person appearances (including a book signing in NYC and Exxxotica NY), and acted in interactive horror DVD Slumber Part Slaughterhouse making this another great year for a girl who is pretty much my dream come true. Cool, sexy, friendly, smart, fun, down-to-earth, sweet, hot as the fiery pits of hell, very, very few women can even compare to the porn punk princess, herself!

1. Gianna Lynn- - Of all the people I have interviewed (including Rob Zombie), Gianna is my favorite. She gave me great answers and came off so smart and sweet. The result is what I believe to be, and others have told me the same thing, my best interview so far. So, meeting her, in person, at Exxxotica NY was an extra awesome pleasure. She is, without a shadow of a doubt, my favorite star that I met that day. Sweet, personable, and, of course, gorgeous, it was a true pleasure. Beyond that, this year, she starred in various porno flicks, including Predator II: The Return, which I consider one of the best all girl films, I ever seen, as well as one of the best looking porno films of the year. And, you know what? I predict that next year will be an even better for one of the world's most truly beautiful women.

Well, that's the end guys. I hope you enjoyed my list of babes. May next year bring us more hotties and good things, all around. Remember to drink a lot but stay safe, as I wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!!!!!!!!!

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Kim Dubuisson said...

Man you sure like Asian chicks!
More then I do, thats for sure!


Giovanni Deldio said...

Yes, I do! :p

And, thanx for that link. That is one of the greatest vids, ever! :D