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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2008, pt. 6: 20-11

20. Katsuni- - The performance of this stunning Digital Playground contract girl in Pirates: Stagnotti's Revenge was classic. She has a truly exotic look, what with her Asian good looks, French accent, and smoking hot body (THAT ass!!!). Throw in the fact that she smolders in all of her scenes, and you have a porn babe to die for!

19. Sasha Grey- - It has been an AMAZING year for Sasha. She appeared in Pirates: Stagnotti's Revenge, and she proved to be one of the coolest actresses at the premiere edition of Exxxocita NY. But, her biggest accomplishment came when she was chosen to star in Steven Soderbergh's next movie, The Girlfriend Experience! Her blogs, on her myspace, about shooting it in New York City have proven to be some of the best I ever read. Weigh in the fact that she has shot some pretty nasty porn, and yet is breaking into the mainstream, and this marks a HUGE moment for this natural beauty. I think the future is very bright for Ms. Grey!

18. Asa Akira- - She is fairly new to the business, but she is already got my and other fellow porn fans' attention. This gorgeous New Yorker was a real pleasure to meet at Exxxotica NY and earns even more kudos from me cause, cause of her great attitude, beautiful looks, and the fact that she knows how to spell my Italian name, without any help (trust me when I say this something, cause people always ask ho to spell Giovanni)!

17. Flower Tucci- - One of the greatest performers in ALL of porn this breath-taking vision of beauty has one of the greatest asses that God has ever bestowed on a woman. She also excels in her scenes proving to be nasty, sexy, and gorgeous in all the stuff she shoots. Plus, she is one of the best squirters, EVER! But, beyond all that she is very sweet and good to her fans, as proven by her staying for a two autographs more (including mine!) at Exxxotica NY.

16. Josie Lee- - If ever there was a woman who leaves me speechless at the sight of her, it is this truly gorgeous and captivating model. Combine that with how sweet and down-to-earth she was at Chiller this October, and you have a woman who deserves the most amount of success imaginable.

15. Alexis Amore- - The Peruvian Princess herself, Alexis is one of the sexiest and hottest Latina porn stars, ever. But beyond that, she has a really great attitude towards her fans and is a total sweetie, as proven by, when I met her this year at Exxxotica NY.

14. Adrenalynn- - Tattoo artist, porn star, and all around hottie, this busty and exotic babe is one of my personal fav porn stars around. Not all does she exude sexiness, but she has a great attitude and is probably one of the coolest chicks in the biz!

13. Michelle Maylene- - This French/ Filipino babe is one hell of a hot and gorgeous, porn babe, but she gets lots of coolness points from me this year for doing her kick ass news reports on the AVN website.

12. Isabella Leong- - It's a shame that this babe has been in some rather crappy genre films like The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and The Eye 3 (which only came to DVD this year in the US) because not only she so beautiful that she can distract you from the movie you are watching (which is a good thing considering how crappy those aforementioned movies were), but she is a highly talented actress. I truly hope she goes to get more roles, cause she would be a breath of fresh air in a Hollywood overrun by annoying, interchangeable, untalented, overrated, and stupid actresses.

11. Jenna Haze- - Aside from being one of the premiere porn babes in the world (including appearing in Pirates: Stagnotti's Revenge), the naturally beautiful Latin/ Caucasian honey did a short for James Gunn this year, and is gonna be in of his PG-Porn shorts. Aside from being sexy as hell, she is an avid fan of horror and gore movies (hence her work with Gunn), this makes her a horror fan's dream cum true!

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