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The 20 Hottest Lesbian Hook-Ups Pt. 2, 10-1

So, did you enjoy the first part of this list? Well, prepare yourself for the second half, as it is even hotter!! Also, this should help make-up for anyone whose Valentine's Day was shitty. And, even if it was good, who doesn't love hot lesbian action (NOTE: if you don't like it, you are definitely reading the WRONG blog!)
Also, if I couldn't find video, I posted pics. Or did both. Enjoy!

10. Alyssa Milano and Charlotte Lewis: Embrace of the Vampire- This erotic horror film was very popular in its time (enough to warrant for some godforsaken reason a remake last year), and even more of a hit on the net when pics of it would pop up. In it, Milano is boss as she gets nude and seduced by the SMOKING hot photographer played by the exotic Lewis. This scene was a personal favorite of mine as a horny college student. They hook u[ one more time later in the film (which is what the video is from) as well, so you have the chance to enjoy them again! So very nice of the filmmakers, wouldn't you say?

9. Debbie Rochon and Jane Jansen: Tromeo and Juliet- Leave it to Troma to add the awesome stuff that was missing from Shakespeare. The best of which had to be the lovely Juliet (Jane Jensen) having a lesbian tryst with her maiden played by horror goddess Debbie Rochon!!! When I first saw this, I was in love! I mean I already thought Rochon was one of the most beautiful women alive, but to have her tatted up and pierced and go lesbo? Wow. That was like heaven!! So, is this scene.

8. Brigitte Lahie and Franka Mai: Fascination-  Rollin is the master of the lesbian vampire film, and this is this one of his finest moments. Two luscious "vampire" babes have a hot and intimate moment. Lahie a porn star and her gorgeous companion really smolder onscreen and get fully nude. It was enough to earn this scene as one of my picks for best sex scenes in a horror film. 

7. Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon: Bound-  I remember seeing this one in the theaters and being in LOVE!! Gershon plays the butchy badass who falls for Tilly the mosbter's moll, and it works perfectly. They make-out several times, but it's the initial sex scene that makes this one one for the spank-bank. It's hot and naughty enough to have gotten an X-rating from the MPAA. The unrated cut is all kinds of goodness! Why is this not on blu-ray?! Regardless, this is one of erotic cinema's finest moments. And, again leads to my question, why can't there be more movies about beautiful lesbian babes falling in love? And, having sex. And, getting naked.

6. Laura Elena Harring and Naomi Watts: Mullholland Drive- My favorite David Lynch film has two girls as the leads and one hell of a hot lesbian scene between. Smoldering with hot sapphic undertones and not so undertones, this movie is has both a hot fuck and is a mindfuck. Both women are stunning and nude, but sadly snatch is censored. Boooooo!!!

5. Catherine Corcoran and Asta Paredes: Return to Nuke 'Em High Vol. 1- Another recent addition to the list, this one has our two leads have hot, nude, and slimy sex. It's proof that even slime cannot stop lesbian sex from being hot! Both girls are gorgeous as hell, and again, I love that their love is center to the plot. Sadly, it's too new to find anything really hot on the net.

4. Marianne Morris and Anulka: Vampyres- THE very best of all lesbian vampire films (and, in fact, my second favorite vampire film ever), this HOT and bloody film from Jose Larraz has bi and lesbian love from our two stunning leads. Anulka is a former Playboy Playmate. Both are goddesses. And, both get nude. And fuck.


3. Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore: Chloe- This wonderfully acted and written erotic thriller is hot as hell. Seyfried plays a hooker who seduces MILFY Moore. Moore hired her to seduce her hubby to see if he is cheating on her. Seyfried and Moore have a real scorcher of a scene that pushes the R-rating. And, your Mr. Happy will be pushing it's way out of your pants! Seyfried (who is ranked TWICE on this list) makes for a great couple with Moore. Both are favorites of mine, and with the quality of filmmaking in this one, the movie has also become a favorite of mine. Don't worry, Moore is reluctant in the scene below, but she warms up later in the film. Thank God!

2. Ryoka Yukui and Mio Takaki: Eko Eko Azark: Wizard of Darkness- This, the first and, easily best, entry in this J-horror series has a little sub-plot which is classic. You know, the one where the hot teacher (Takaki) has a hot lesbian relationship with her hot student (Yukui), which leads to HOT lesbian sex in the school. This really serves no point in the actual plot of the film, other than being righteously exploitative. Hey, they are called exploitation films, after all. And, when the women involved are two beautiful Asian girls like these, then you will hear no complaints from me!

1. Asia Argento and Selen: Scarlet Diva- This one wins first place because of the two beauties involved, the hotness, and cause it is the ONLY real sex scene of this bunch. Some of the sex in this semi-autobiographical film from the gorgeous Ms. Argento (who wrote, directed, and starred in it) is real, and this one is one of those. Asia never had sex with a chick, so this part of the story is not true. But, as Asia says in the running commentary for the DVD, she did have her first bit of sapphic sex with Selen onscreen, as we see it ourselves in the movie. The busty blonde is an Euro-porn star, Selen, so she was in good, hot hands. A GREAT scene that is bonerific from the first kiss to last last second!


DrunkethWizerd said...

Early or not, I'm going to have to nominate this for Best Post of the Year. I highly doubt anything will come along that tops this list. Nice work.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Thank you, man! I am very flattered! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)