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Toy Fair 2014: Square Enix, Ultra Tokyo Connection, and Kirby from Little Buddy

Square Enix makes some pretty sweet, albeit expensive toys. Here are some of my favorites that caught my eye at Toy Fair 2014.

Man, this Batman was too fucking cool for words!!
They are part of the Static Arts minis line for DC Comics.

The Alien figures are fucking amazing!!!
The DC Comics stuff is jaw-dropping detail!!!
Holy fuck!! Hawkman looks kick ass!!
Darkseid. We think he could've been a little bit more buff but still awesome!

Rorschach pf the Watchmen
Batman and Deathstroke!

If you are an anime fan then you will love these collectibles from Ultra Toyko Connection!
 They don't just do anime, here's a zombie from George Romero's Dawn of the Dead.
From Titan AE
 Super Mario and Zelda
And, finally here is one of my favorite upcoming toys, a Kirby from Little Buddy. His extremities and accessories are interchangeable, like a plush doll with Velcro Mr. Potato Head!!!
They are so cool and cute! I want one. So, when they come out, if you love me, you should totally get me one! :)
More Kriby dolls made by them! The bottom row is from the series shown and mentioned above of it.