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The Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock 2014: NYC

This Monday I went to what was the second best show I have ever been in my ENTIRE life (if you care to know what is my pick for best, well it would be Anthrax, Testament, and Death Angel): Revolver's Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock tour at Irving Plaza in NYC.

The show openers were local band Charetta, who played some kick ass straight up hard rock/ metal music. They have to be one of the best, if not the best opening act, I have ever seen! I hope these guys make it big cause they definitely deserve to! Led by the beautiful Aneglina DelCarmen, the band got us pumped up and set the tone for the rest of the show. Songs like "I'm Not Your Bitch" and "The Apocalypse Is Here" kicked major ass. I suggest you get their EP Apocalypse, which is a great album from top to bottom!


Lead signer Angelina DelCarmen is very sweet and all smiles in person. What a beautiful smile it is!

The next band up was hard rockers Cilver. Also, from Queens, NY Cilver is fronted by Romanian stunner Uliana. They play some really kick hard rock. I first heard about them, via Revolver's Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock issue, currently out on newsstands. Uliana is not only beautiful, but she's also got an awesome voice and great stage presence, as well as being very humble and courteous to her fans. I highly recommend getting their debut EP, In My Head, if you like good rock music.
 She crowd-surfed at the end of their set! So cool!
She signed my issue of Revolver! Like I said earlier she is awesome in person, a total sweetheart!

The next band up is my personal favorite of those on this tour, in fact, they are one of my favorite bands, period: Arizona's Eyes Set to Kill. The post-hardcore act is fronted by signer and lead guitarist Alexia Rodriguez. Her sister Anissa plays bass guitar. These Latin beauties are just fucking awesome! Their latest album, Masks, is their best one, yet, and made my list of last year's top ten albums. I have been dying to see them live for the longest of time, and thus, I was ecstatic to finally do so!! They played a great set (all of the songs were from Masks), and I sang along to every single one! I actually wish they would've played a longer set, but still it ruled.

What's even more awesome is I met the absolutely gorgeous Anissa when I came in. Admit ably I was a little star struck (yes, I still get star struck), but she is very sweet in person, and posed for a bunch of pics with me, even when I had fucked up the setting on my camera! Her beautiful sister came in later, and she got in a pic, too! Plus, they both signed a free poster, from their merchandise table, as well as that aforementioned issue of Revolver. This whole, moment had made my year! 




Up next was the legendary Lacuna Coil. The Italian goth-metal group came out and rocked the whole place! Fronted by Andrea Ferro and the beautiful Cristina Scabbia, I been a fan of Coil, since Comalies (still their best album, I think). I had seen them way back in 2006 at Ozzfest but I always wanted to see them play a longer set, so it was cool to do so, here. They played a few songs of off their soon to be released new album, Broken Crown Halo, and I liked them. That said the set consisted of songs from Karmacode and beyond. I was disappointed to hear nothing off of Comalies (though,I didn't expect them to play anything off of the albums before that). They prefer their newer stuff. What can I say. Still they are a great live band. Scabbia sounds and looks amazing, and they played one of my favorite of their later day songs, "Spellbound", so it all worked out in the end.

It was then time for the headliners, alt-metal/ hard rock band, Sick Puppies, to come and finish off the night. And, man, they ever do just that! I liked the band, but seeing them live cemented them as a new favorite of mine! This trio is one of the best live bands, I have ever seen!! They are fronted by the charismatic, but humble, Shim Moore, who loves to interact and talk with the audience during the show. Their absolutely beautiful bass player, the half-Japanese/ Australian stunner Emma Anzai, rocks so hard onstage!! Not only is she a breathtaking beauty, but she can play the bass like few can! She is also very energetic onstage, headbanging and just going crazy.

The amazing set, had the fans signing along, jumping up and down, and even had a wicked mosh-pit. They had the crowd just going crazy for them. After, the show, they signed autographs fro those who bought merchandise, at their table. It was a great way to end an awesome night and a truly KILLER show. It's something I sorely needed and was grateful to have attended.





Chris said...

great review and killer show all the ladies in bands super cool one

Giovanni Deldio said...

Thank you, man. Glad you liked my review. And, yeah all the girls were super cool in person. :)