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Betsy Rue at "Lucky Bastard" Signing at Forbidden Planet NY

Yesterday, Feb. 2, 2014, there was a signing for the upcoming found footage/ horror/ thriller Lucky Bastard at Forbidden Planet comic store in NYC. The movie takes place the porn world and is rated NC-17. It's gotten some very solid reviews, and I look forward to seeing it.

Anyway, two of the filmmakers were at the store, accompanied by the beautiful Betsy Rue. Rue has the lead role of the porn starlet. Fellow horror fans will best remember Rue as the fully nude blonde hottie in the awesome remake My Bloody Valentine 3D. I personally consider it one of the greatest nude scenes in horror history. Anyway, she was there to promote the movie, by giving away and signing mini-posters of the film. The movie opens in limited release this Friday (a perfect film for Valentine's Day, which is quickly becoming THE holiday to associate this beauty with) in NYC at Cinema Village.


She also posed for pictures with fans, like myself. She is very friendly in person and clearly likes to meet and talk to her fans. It was a total pleasure to meet her, and, easily THE highlight of this month, for me. I have been a fan of hers since MBV3D, and as such I have been wanting to meet her for ages. I'm so glad I that I finally did!

She was so cool that she not only did she sign the aforementioned poster, but also signed my DVD copy of MBV3D and my blu-ray copy of True Blood season two (she had a small role in the first episode of that season). 

Here is the trailer to Lucky Bastard.