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Hot Fetish Action, Lesbians, Lelu Love, & Hotties Galore at the Clips4Sale Booth at AEE 2014

It's a given that the Clips4Sale booth will be one of the wildest, sexiest, naughtiest, and most fun booths at the Adult Entertainment Expo. And, this year was no exception. I got to shoot lots of pics and even some video. So, sit back and enjoy!

Let's begin with some foot-fetish, lesbian inspired fun from the preview day on Wed. Throughout this fan participation was called upon. They got to lick, kiss, suck the girls' feet. The action pictured below was fucking hot!
I got to sniff the feet of the blonde in the miniskirt after they had been up the other blonde's ass. That was pretty hot!!

 The gorgeous Roxie Rae!

The following pics come from Thurs. There was some definitely hot foot fetish and lesbian action on the couch.

Next we had some bouncing on big balls. Fun, sexy, and cute!

At this point, it was great to run into the always beautiful and friendly Lelu Love. She remembered me and came over to say hi. She is really so sweet and friendly in person. And, sexy and gorgeous as hell. I really can't say enough nice things about her. Expect that you really need to check out her site (http://www.lelulove.com/). I mean it! I reviewed it last year, when I first met, at this same booth.
And. now for some video footage, with a special appearance by the legendary and beautiful Sunny Lane!

Clips4Sale at AEE 2014 from Master Gio on Vimeo.