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Two Kick Ass Beauties at AEE 2014: Raven Rockette and Veruca James

Produced by and executive assistant to Master Gio: El Tiburon

On Saturday, January 18, 2014, I had the pleasure of meeting two of the hottest and most beautiful girls in the industry today: Raven Rockette and Veruca James. As beautiful as they are onscreen, in person, they are even more incredibly, smoking hot! They also happen to be cool as hell.

Coincidentally, that morning I saw a pic of of the beautiful Ms. Rockette taking a hit from a bong on her Instagram, and I thought it made for a pretty cool selfie. I, said to myself and to my producer/ executive assistant El Tiburn, we gotta go up to her today! And, so we did just that. Raven was all smiles and commented that she liked my look. Flattery, especially coming from one as beautiful as her, is always greatly appreciated. She was telling us that she had a raspy voice from partying to hard the night before. But, I got to be honest, I thought it made her sound sexy, and, thus made her even hotter! And, I should say that as far as her performances go, she is fucking awesome!
BONUS: she has a really sexy bush, if I do say myself!

Hot chick throwing up the devil horns = sure way to my heart! :)

Veruca was the last girl, I went up to at the Expo. She was very friendly, talkative, and a complete and breathtaking stunner, in person! She is a natural at posing for the camera which made from some really sexy pics. With her photogenic beauty, killer smile, beautiful eyes, and friendly demur, she was really the perfect way, for me, to end the show.
And, by the way, If you have never seen Veruca in a porn you need to change that now!! She is fucking hot as hell!
Another way to my heart: hot chick, wearing a cool band shirt like one from the legendary Sex Pistols!

I hope you guys go out buy some stuff with both of these beauties, as I promise you will NOT be disappointed! Also, be sure to check them out on social media, as they post some awesome stuff. And, while this was taken on the last day, I still have more pics and words to post from AEE, so fear not! This ain't over yet, baby!