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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Tila Tequila

While, I have talked about and covered Tila Tequila, many, many times, here; I have never made her the Hot Asian of the Month, believe it or not. And, so this June 2010, I correct that. After all, June is the beginning of summer and few women are as fucking hot as Miss Tila.

Born on September 24, 1981 in Singapore to Vietnamese parents, Tila Nguyen, moved to Texas with her family when she was one. She had a rough and violent childhood, which led her to move to California where she sought out modeling.

Tila began her career with pics for Playboy. She also did import racing modeling, but Tila wanted more. She hosted Pants-Off Dance-Off a bunch of times as well, appearing in magazines like Penthouse, Stuff, and Maxim.

Coupled with her ever growing internet popularity, Tila's star grew bigger and bigger. She would become the girl with the most friends on Myspace, and, eventually her own multiple sites, and Facebook and Twitter, as well.

Tila also had her own reality TV show, A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila, but like most things Tila related, I have talked a lot about that. She has also been on some other TV shows and a movie, put out her own book (which is where I met her), and she's a singer, too. She will return to reality TV when she appears on the next season of Celebrity Rehab.

I doubt anything like this will happen there:

She is all over the media and gossip talks all the time. Regardless, what you make think of this, there is no denying that she knows how to catch the attention of the press. And, well, with an ass and a pair of tits like hers, it's hard not to. Tila is a naughty little hottie, so this is an example of a celeb I don't mind getting attention. In fact, when there are hot paparazzi pics me, and my pants, are quite happy!

For example of pant inducing happiness just watch her shake her sexy behind, which is always nice:

Tila has been going through rough times and not everything in recent months has been great (the saddest of which was the death of her finance Casey Johnson) or even made a whole lot of sense (was she pregnant? didn't she want to adopt?!). But, hopefully the bad stuff is behind her.

By the way, if she needs yet another career, maybe she could be a teacher. I know I would be hot for her (hmm, actually I already am!), for sure!

She started her own celeb gossip site, and it seems like it's doing quite well for her. In fact, she closed her old twitter account and opened up one just for her it.

Anyways, as I said, there is a ton of stuff on her all over this blog, so just do a little research here. No need to bore you with any more details, when, I know you just want more Tila hotness. At least I know I do! And, don't act like you don't want the same, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this, right?

Beautiful, sexy, naughty, and bisexual, Tila is one of my utmost personal fav babes. With her beautiful face, sexy smile, infectious laugh, hot legs, great ass, and nice rack, Tila fucking rulz.

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