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Happy 100th Issue Rue Morgue!

First and foremost, I realize that Rue Morgue hit 100 issues a month ago, but I only just got pick to pick up the issue this week. So, this is why this blogt is happening now.

I bought my first issue of Rue Morgue back in the 90s. It was their sex and violence issue (I'm sure it so no shock to my readers that I began with that one) with the Toxic Avenger and two hotties on the cover. I really liked it from the get go. I had seen many a magazine try and compete with Fangoria with various degrees of success. But, as I read more and more issues, this mag soon became better than Fango. In fact, Fango would become a bigger and bigger pile of shit. Rue Morgue, on the other hand, became, to me and many others, the number one horror magazine.

It really went and covered all aspects of the genre, and not just upcoming movies (truly sticking to their motto of horror in culture and entertainment). As evident by the fact that video games, cartoons, music, comics, and just about anything else horror related is talked about and covered. The mag is always full of excellent reviews, as well. Fangoria, on the other hand, wallowed in crap, covering any and all films. Shit, it is even guilty of putting crap like New Moon on the fucking cover! And, worst of all, the mag never changed it's look. There is a new editor in charge now, though, so the future does seem brighter for it.

So while, Fangoria looks like shit (get some new graphic designers for chrissakes!) Rue Morgue looks gorgeous! They have some of the best covers of all mags. And, the inside of the magazine also looks stunning. They are infinitely more mature and are even willing to cover horror porn, something Fangoria lacks the fucking balls to do.

Anyway, their 100th issue is a masterpiece! I only started reading this Tuesday (which is when I bought it), and already I love it! It ranks as one of their best. I really like the all black cover. Right now, I am enjoying their look at the last 13 years (the age of the magazine), and they have provided us with in depth essays on video games, the roles of women in horror, the future of DVD (a must read for those wondering about the whole DVD, blu-ray, 3D blu-ray thing), J-horror, and so much more.

There is also an interview with Christopher Lee, articles on the new Hammer, and shitload more, including, of course, all those excellent reviews that I so love.

And, so I am very happy that they have now hit 100 (by the way, issue 101 is available in some places now, with Glenn Danzig on the cover!). Happy 100th Rue Morgue! And, here is to 100 more of THE best horror magazine in the whole fucking world!

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