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My B-Day at Duffs

This past Saturday (June 5, 2010) I celebrated my 34th b-day at my absolute fav bar in the whole fucking world: Duff's Brooklyn. My actual birthday is on May 29th. I did get together with some close friends on that day, in Long Island. But, this was the big bash.

Anyways, I got to hang, drink, and shoot the shit with friends. As always, Duff's is THE happiest place on Earth. By the end of the night, I was really trashed and happy! If you wanna see more pics of me partying and hanging with my friends, you'll have to go to my facebook.

Jimmy Duff (Duff's owner) is the man! Truly no bar on Earth can touch his. None. End of fucking story. There ain't no better place that I could have spent my b-day. And, there ain't no better place to spend a night there, period.

It should be noted, for God Forbid fans, that Doc Coyle of said band (lead guitars and clean vocals) was bartending that night (in fact that was his forth night doing so).

Thrash metal band Horrifier was suppose to have played that night, but due to a car accident to their lead guitarist/vocalist Joe Potash, they had to cancel. He is recovering, though, and the band will be rescheduling the show. Their debut album Grim Fate is out now, and you can order it here: http://www.thebasar.org/order.html.

Anyways, I wanna thank all those who came out, whom I hung with, as well as, of course, Jimmy Duff, and Duff's. Brooklyn I had an awesome fucking time. Duff's motherfucking rulz. If you love metal and ain't gotten your ass out there yet, what the fuck are you waiting for? And, for those of you who have, well you already know how fucking awesome a place it is! All hail Duff's!

And for more on Duffs go to:
Official Website: http://duffsbrooklyn.com/home.shtml
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/duffsbrooklyn
Twitetr: http://twitter.com/duffsbrooklyn
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DuffsBrooklyn

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X Rated News said...

It seems that you really had a good time. So happy late birthday sweetie

Giovanni Deldio said...

Thanx, baby! :)