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Jessica Biel- The A(ss)-Team

Yesterday, I saw the big screen version of The A-Team, and I enjoyed quite a bit. It moves at fast pace, and the cast was quite good. Sure it's pretty over-the-top, but it is a very entertaining summer flick. And, unlike the TV show, people actually fucking die! But, as I watched it, one of the things that stood out was Jessica Biel. Damn, did she look good in this movie! Are lieutenants really this hot in real life?! Seriously, those fucking legs are to die for!

I first remember her from her role on 7th Heaven. No I never, EVER watched that shit, but I recall her from in the commercials of the TV show. Moreso, I recall her appearing, in the now defunct Gear magazine at a mere 17 years of age. It spawned lots of controversy, as she wanted to break out of her good girl image. I own said mag, and I remember it being a very sought after issue. The pics and cover were pretty fucking sexy.

Despite all the lame hoopla, she stayed on the show till her contract was up. And, then appeared on some later episodes, too. She was committed to leaving that image well and enough behind her, though, as proven by her next few roles. Horror fans got a new scream, of sorts, with her roles in the total mediocre shit that was The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake and the middle of the road, Blade: Trinity. That said she did look good, in them. And, well you simply have to love her ass. Many will state that this is her best asset. They probably ain't wrong. But, I do hope that they do not forget that she has a smoking, hot body, a beautiful face, and stunning eyes to boot.

I tend to like her more in earlier roles; as I simply did not care for the movies she was in post Blade: Trinity. But, mostly I blame Hollywood for their constant overhyping of her at this point. Chill the fuck out Hollywood, I don't need your hype machine telling me who the fuck is hot or not. There are other hotter Jessicas, out there, like say Jessica Alba or porn goddess Jessica Bangkok, that I like more. But, I definitely think that she is more beautiful than Jessica Simpson. Perhaps, a bikini battle between these four in a jello wrestling match would solve it all. I gladly throw in my hat to referee said match, but don't be surprised if I am biased towards Ms. Bangkok!

Still, Ms. Biel fans got what we, finally, wanted in the movie Powder Blue, as she played a stripper and got nude (Jessica Alba, why, oh why, could you have not done the same in Sin City?!)! OK, I truthfully have never seen this movie. Not sure if I ever will, but my guess is probably not. Since, I seen her nude in clips and pics of the movie, I don't feel the need to see it. But, I will share a pic with you so that you don't feel left out. See, I am always here to help you, my loyal friends and readers, out!

Anyways, no one is gonna say that Ms. Biel is a great actress or anything of the sort. But, who the fuck cares when you look this good! The A-Team is easily her best film as of yet, that I have seen. Whether or not she will star in a movie that tops this one, I don't know. But, for now, her legs have provided me with a nice image for my weekend. My only other request for her, is to please be nakede again. Oh, and have some hot lesbian sex in a movie. That always helps.

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