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Being that Ronnie James Dio tragically passed away last week, losing his battle with stomach cancer, I felt the need to add more Dio to my collection. This live DVD, which I picked up for a mere seven bucks this week at FYE, more than fit the bill.

Shot in Britain on Oct. 22, 2005, Dio played all of his classic Holy Diver album, as well as other classics from his solo career, and even two Rainbow tracks (Gates of Babylon, Man on the Silver Mountain) and the all time Sabbath classic, Heaven and Hell. The concert, itself, clocks in at slightly over two hours and kicks major ass. From the opening of Tarot Woman to closing of the ass whooping We Rock, this is one hell of a live performance. Most touching now, is seeing how gracious Dio was with his fans. He was a great man and is a rock legend, for sure.

Ronnie's voice sounds amazing and the band is at their best. The transfer is simply gorgeous with stunning, lively colors. The sound is awesome, too. You can hear it either in Dolby Digital Stereo or Dolby Digital Surround 5.1.

As for extras, we get cool interviews with the band regarding playing in this show and tour. We also get linear notes form Classic Rock Magazine writer Dave Ling. In all, an excellent must have DVD.

**** out of ****

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