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Halestorm- Wesbter Hall, NYC, April 26, 2010

Last Monday, April 26, 2010 my friend Alan and I attended a free Halestorm concert in Webster Hall. I've liked them since I heard them and got their album last year. Over time, the more I heard their self-titled debut the more I like it. Eventually, it would become a favorite of mine. One I know by heart, as matter of fact. Before we go on, I must warn you that the only camera I had with me was my phone's, so sorry if the quality ain't up to snuff.

Anyways, we missed the first opening act, MadamAdam. But, we did see Burn Halo. They proved to be a solid metal act with a sound that sort of recalls later day Eighteen Visions, well, at least vocally. The other band Janus was not really my cup of blood, though the final song they played kicked major ass.

It was then time for the headliners! The beautiful Lzzy Hale came out, and from then on the awesomeness began! They played their whole album and were just amazing! Let me tell you that they rock even harder live!

One of the highlights was the beautiful rendition of their amazing ballad "I'm not an Angel". It was acoustic and very powerful. The crowd was signing in unison along with Lzzy. She said that we all have beautiful voices. Clearly she hadn't heard me well! All kidding aside it was awe-inspiring.

The next highlight was a drum solo by Arejay Hale, who is Lzzy's little bro. He was freaking awesome! Also awesome was when the band came out and played garbage cans while he beat the drums! Killer!

As I said before I listen to this album, a lot, so I sang along to all the songs, and I was totally rocking out! I'm glad Alan liked it, too, and got into the band.

After the concert was done, I waited a short period of time to meet the band. Guitarist, Joe Hottinger, came out and walked up to greet me. He was a really cool dude. In fact, when he saw that I was using my phone camera, he offered that we move next to the stage where we could get some light, being as it don't have a flash. It was a really awesome thing for him to do!

Of course I was dying to meet Lzzy. And, it was great to see how sweet and down to earth she was. I told her that they were great live, and that I listen to the album all the time. As well, as how it is one of my favorite albums. She seemed very flattered!

Anyways, the concert kicked major ass! Great to see a rising band like this giving back to the fans with this free show. And, that they are such fan friendly and awesome people only makes it that much better. I wish the band all the luck in the world, and I hope they continue their success.

For more on Halestorm visit their:
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