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The 10 Hottest MILFs

Well, this Sunday is Mother's Day, so I wanted to take the time out to wish all the moms out there a wonderful day. And, I hope you all take this day to tell and show your moms how much you love them. Do something special for them. You know they deserve it!
Anyways, enough with the sweet, nice stuff. I also felt it was time to pay some love for MILFs! The following is a list, in ascending order, of the 10 most uber-hot mature babes around. While not all of them are actual moms, they are all 40 or over. Enjoy the beauty of these women, who only get finer with time.

10. Lucy Lawless- I truly think this New Zealand 42 year old babe is more stunning than ever. Want proof? Then you clearly have not been watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand, as I have been tell you to do. Shame on you for not seeing her amazing, naked boobs!

9. Ming Na- She has the ability with her exquisite beauty to make even the crappiest of films (Street Fighter [Van Damme version], Prom Night [remake]) shine. Well, at least while she is on screen. At 46 years of age this babe is just draw dropping in her breathtaking looks.

8. Demi Moore- I have had a crush on Demi Moore ever since I was a kid, and you know what? I still love her! At 47 she still looks AMAZING! That body is wow, just wow!!! She is a complete and utter heartbreaker with killer legs, a beautiful face, and stunning eyes. That Ashton Kutcher is one lucky fuck! I mean did you see her when she was on Chlesea Handler's recent special?! I mean my jaw dropped! And, between both those babes, so did the drool!

7. Doro Pesch- The German metal goddess herself is rocking hard, kicking ass, and looking delicious at 45! It's amazing in how good shape she keeps herself. I am a huge fan of her and her music and with good reason, I must add!

6. Lauren Graham- She played one of the hottest and most beautiful moms in the history of TV on The Gilmore Girls, and on the new show, Parenthood, she is keeping that title alive and well. OK, neither show are my cup of blood, but she more than made up for that with her role in my all time fav comedy, Bad Santa, as a sexy bartender with a thing for Santa. Quick where's a spare Santa suit? Need to wear one for this 43 year old goddess!

5. Marisa Tomei- I have always liked this Italian goddess, but it's her role in The Wrestler, as a stripper mom, two years ago, that cemented her as one of the all time great MILFs. Her body looked smoking hot as she was topless and giving lap dances! I wish she really did work at a strip club! Preferably one close to me!

4. Lucy Liu- One of the most flawless and beautiful complexions ever belong to this 41 year old hailing from my home town of Queens, NY. Lucy is always captivating and stunning to look at. She also happens to be a damn good actress and even more awesome when she is kicking someone's ass.

3. Vicky Vette- Let's be honest here, MILF porn fucking rulz. And, one of the best performers in them, has to be the beautiful Ms. Vette. I simply cannot believe that this beauty is actually 44 years old! A Norwegian vision of optimum beauty!

2. Ginger Lynn Allen- Perhaps one of my longest lasting crushes, I truly believe Ginger Lynn to be one of the most beautiful women, ever, MILF or not. Having had the pleasure of meeting her last year at Exxxotica NY, I can assure you that she is even more sexy in person. This 47 year old lovely just exudes sex! Plus, she is one of the very few women who have done X-rated, B-movies, big budget movies, and TV. Ginger Lynn rules!

1. Kelly Hu- A long time admirer and fan of the gorgeous Ms. Hu, it is hard to believe that she is actually 42 years old! Look at her! She just keeps getting more and more impossibly beautiful. Plus, she's another honey that looks so good when she is kicking someone's ass! Kelly's involvement in various causes also prove that this babe is as beautiful on the inside, as she is on the outside. Kelly Hu more than surely deserves her top spot on this list.

And, so remember, I love MILFs, you love them, we all love them!

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Unknown said...

Great list, but Lucy Lawless should have been ranked higher!!!

Giovanni Deldio said...

You're the second person to tell me this! Anyone else agree? Or feel that a MILF is missing?