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G4's The International Sexy Ladies Show

Last Monday was the return of one of my favorite TV shows, The International Ladies Show from G4! The concept of the show is simple enough. Clips of sexy babes from TV and videos from all over the world. Comedians chime in and make quirky and funny comments. We get clips from places like England, Italy, Japan, Korea, etc. It's genius I tell you!

This season we got clips from even more clips! As well favorites, of mine, like Italy's S.O.S. Patatas, where women, in the nude (!), help Italian men do work, returning. Of course, I love it when they have gravure stuff from Japan, like this goddess!

Here is another favorite, former Russian Olympic gold-medalist gymnast, Zlata. This girl is a contortionist and can twist into so many hot ways! Goddamn! Wish my waitress looked like this and could do this:

Sometimes when you clean you just get stuck on the floor:

Damn, now I know how to clean my house! Thanks England!

Yeah, this show fucking owns! From season one:

Watching this show makes me think, why does the US not have amazing programing on TV? And, how much is it to go to Japan or Korea?

Look you guys need to watch this. You won't regret! And, neither will your pants!
For more info go here: http://g4tv.com/sexyladies/
You can also follow them on Twitter: G4SexyLadies

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