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Vote for Vicky Vette for Miss Freeones

One of my fav babes, and on of the hottest MILFs ever, Vicky Vette, needs some votes. I have long been a proud support of hers and have shown a lot of love for her, in the past, on this blog. And, she reconfirmed my love for her this morning when I saw this, on her blog:

OK, those are ten GREAT reasons why you need to vote for her! And, I can think of like a million more! So, get you ass over to http://missfreeones.com/biography_Vicky_Vette.html to vote for her. And, NO you DON'T need a Freeones username to vote for her and her wondrous boobies! And, oh yeah, Freeones fucking rules! And, yes you can find me on their messageboards.

So, do me a favor and show your love for one of the yummiest MILFs, ever!

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