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No Man's Land: Asian Edition 4

No Man's Land: Asian Edition 4
Studio: Video Team
Cast: Kimmie Kahn, Fujiko Kano, Jada, Loni, and Lyla Lei

This entry in the series has busty babe, and long time fav of mine, Loni playing a web-mistress for a lesbian S&M show. We go into the first and best scene of the movie, as she joins Lyla Lei and Fujiko Kano, both in butterfly outfits for a three way fuck. There is lots of kissing which is really yummy. But, there is a little overuse of toys, something that eventually becomes a problem in this movie.

Kimmie Kahn then blindfolds Jada, to test her out. See she's the newest hired girl for the website. Jade had a really nice rack, while Kimmie looks like Tila Tequila (a great thing in my book!). It's a pretty hot scene, with some hot kissing and boob sucking. But, it too is hurt by overuse of toys and, now the added annoyance of, fast motion.

Loni masturbates in the third scene. And, you just gotta love her boobies, as they are God-given and beautiful! She fantasies about Kimmie Kahn. I really hate the lame fucking mask she wears in this scene, as we cannot see her getting into Loni going down on her. That said there is some nice kissing, but, yet again, the toy play really gets used way too much.

Finally, we get our finale, which has Kimmie Kahn, Jada, and Loni. There is some hot kissing. But, again, you guessed it, too much toy usage. Regardless, this is the movie's second best moment. Guess it works better in threesomes. One memorable use of a toy as it enters one girls snatch is one of the few good toy bits in the entire movie.

The picture looks really great and the sound is awesome, too. We get some nice photo galleries, as well trailers to other No Man's Land movies. I also enjoyed the behind the scenes. But, truth be told, it's the photo shoot for the cover that is my fav extra, as Fujiko admits she loves to swallow. I think I am in love, now!

A decent film, many on the net give this one a low grade, but, I think it is not a total waste. The girls are all stunning, but some silly outfits and the over abundance of toy action does hurt it. The weakest film the in series, that I have seen so far, is still by no means bad. Worth a look, but you should probably try other entries first.

2 1/2 Woodies out of 4

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